The New YEAR 2022

Good Morning ALL! How are you this morning? Sorry that I am late but we had a mishap earlier. Alvin woke up at 3:00 a.m. to go outside to go pee. I was not able to open the back door so I quickly got him ready and my coat on, to go out the front. Once back in, I played around for quite a long time to get the door open. The deadbolt lock would not open. Finally I took a screwdriver out of my tool box which I am glad that I brought into the house and had in my front entranceway closet. I took said screwdriver and pushed the deadbolt “tongue” until it open. The deadbolt is in the open position now but cannot lock it. Without the deadbolt in place, there is a draft coming in from the backdoor. I was so tired earlier that I propped up a broom and an umbrella hoping that would work, but not really. I texted my Manager to see if okay to take the morning off as I was a walking zombie by that time. I had basically been up since 3:00 a.m. Anyway not to complain. So I took the morning off. I have been fiddling about with the door and the inner workings of the deadbolt came out so I guess it is fair to say that I need a new deadbolt. I came up with a solution to hold the door closed with no draft and that was taking a couple of (exercise) weights that I had in the basement and pushed them against the bottom of the door. Voile. No draft. It was easier to see during the daytime. Anytime band-aid solution but a solution nonetheless. I cannot go and pick up a deadbolt and it is far TOO BLOODY COLD to be changing the lock so the weights will keep it closed properly so that I am not heating up the great outdoors. Besides I almost had a coronary when I received my EPCOR bill yesterday is was just over $469.00 which is up over $120.00 from last month. Seriously at this rate, not sure what to do. That is absolutely bananas. Now that bill does include heat, water and electricity and garbage and waste but still. That is a huge increase over last month. Everything but our pay is increasing. What are people going to do?

Well on that note I am going downstairs and having a cup of coffee while I can still afford to buy coffee and while we still have it in the stores. Who knows what will be off the shelves next. Luckily I am stocked up with pantry staples so will be okay for awhile.

I hope that you are safe and warm.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus and possibilities.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Mowing & Raking the grass with Alvin !!

Doesn’t everyone mow and rake their lawn while holding their puppy on their leash??  Okay, so perhaps not.  I was out mowing the lawns and Alvin was sitting on the floor resting his head on the window sill of the living room window.  He looked so forlorn.  I knew that he really wanted to be out there with me but I thought it would be too much work.  So I carried on.  Finally it got to me, I was done most of the mowing and just doing the raking so figured I could handle a dog on a leash and the rake.  After all, I have two arms & two hands right !  So I went into the house and called him, he was pretty much at the door when he heard the key in the lock.  As of the last I do not know how long, Sir Alvin has decided that when it is time to go for a walk that he will just go and hide under the kitchen table.  Why, you might ask?  Because he doesn’t want to put on his harness.  It makes a loud clicking noise.  He is a bit nervous about it and I do not why exactly why.  So anyway, I decided to just grab the leash and harness and called him to come out onto the step (which he did, easily) and there I put on his harness & leash.

With the rake in one hand and Alvin on the leash in the other, I proceeded to rake the lawn.  It really wasn’t easy as he wanted to go see if Aussie the cat (next door), was sitting in the window.   She wasn’t there.  It was fun for awhile until he decided to start chewing on his leash.  At that point, I decided “it was time” for Alvin to go back into the house.  He had a bit of a break and helped his Mom with the raking and mowing.  By the way, have you ever tried to mow the grass while holding a puppy on a leash.  It gives a whole new meaning to “mowing the grass” ….  LOL.

The lawns look great and we both had some fresh air and exercise.

Happy Day ……..

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