The Next Chapter

Good Morning! Well here we are once again at Monday morning. The sky is partially overcast and we are all hoping for rain. The ground is so dry. The forests that paint a lovely picture of our dear home “Alberta” are desperately dry and need some moisture. There are still many wildfires burning out of control. I fear that the loss of wildlife and domestic farm animals will climb with every moment the fires burn. Spring is the time of renewal and of birth. So many babies will never have a chance at a life. Very sad. My heart breaks and hurts for this unnecessary loss. Most of the fires that are burning are man made. Some idiot either threw a cigarette out of a window while driving, or was burning trash or something. I know that many wildfires burn as a result of nature. Lightning strikes are a big one. Sending thoughts of moisture to extinguish the fires. Seems like everyday they are placing another community on immediate evacuation. I keep checking with my daughter to see how they are doing. They have bags packed to leave on a moment’s notice. I am glad that they are taking this seriously and are prepared.

Last night in mid evening (for me), I saw a little bird with a piece of fluff in the tree. All of a sudden the piece of fluff or cotton fell. The little bird quickly dove down to the fluff and picking it up in its’ beak tried to lift it up once again. There was nothing that I could do to help. The bird gave up and flew away. Was it trying to make a nest? I am thinking that this may be late for that but I am not a bird. Perhaps the little bird has had trouble finding little things to make a nest. Poor little one.

Thankfully the wind has calmed down this morning. Hoping and praying that the winds remain calm from here on in. That would be nice and would help the fire situation greatly.

Yesterday morning I baked a pumpkin cake and made a cream cheese icing. The chocolate banana pumpkin loaf that I had made Saturday night was not quite the way that I like it for someone else to eat. It is edible so I will munch away on it but not to take for friends to eat. The pumpkin cake was a yummy. So glad that I decided to try a new recipe. I did change up the icing though. I had a great visit yesterday afternoon with my dear friends Gillian & Signe. Always great to catch up with these ladies.

Time to head downstairs and make coffee and have breakfast. My mouth is still a bit sore. After the pushing and pushing (not pulling), I think it will take awhile for it to feel 100% relief.

Wishing you a great Monday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin (My Forever Angel)

Second Half of the NEW YEAR.

Good Morning Folks,

Well today is September 19th, 2020.

The sun is supposed to be shining but instead the sky is filled with smoke.

I cannot even imagine the smoke as one continues south.

I cannot even imagine all of the loss of animal and plant life.

We hear about the loss of human life but not often is the loss of animal, bird and insect and plant life spoke about or mentioned in a news article.

My heart breaks for every creature and for the plants and trees.

I have been listening more and reading as of late about climate change.

Sadly we are not doing enough to combat these changes ….. is it too late?

I do not know.

I have also been thinking as of late about all of the disposable masks and gloves that are making their ways to the landfills.

I have seen a great many disposable masks lying on the ground in my neighbourhood.

I can only imagine the increase in to go containers from restaurants that are making their way to the landfills.

This pandemic has increased our “carbon footprint” not lessened it.

If we all work together and use less single use plastics.

Buy masks that can be washed ….. take the time and wash them.

If you are going to eat out ensure that the to go containers are made from materials that are biodegradable.

There are lots of things we can do.

Purchase less items wrapped in layers of plastics.

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and cook instead of using prepackaged meals.

We have to work together.

Now is the time.

Leave the lights off when you leave the room.

All of the little things that we can do will add up.

We can come together and get things done.

It is not totally the responsibility of governments to save the planet although they should be speaking on our behalf and collectively doing what is right.

This is my opinion.

Food for thought.


This morning I saw a video about this Vet from the United States that was mentioning about the dry kibble food that we feed our dogs.

He mentioned if your dog has bad breath, joint pain, smelly and or runny poop that it is due to lack of proper nutrition.

About how the process of pressure cooking the food leaves bad things in the food.

He talked about this supplement to sprinkle on the food that gives them vitamins, omegas and more.

One thing he mentioned was that the length of a dogs life has decreased after the 70’s.

Making dog food is big business.

More food for thought.


My head spinning …..

I think about the animals and plant life lost and injured in the fires.

I think about all of our dogs that are not living the best lives due to lack of proper nutrition.


So much to think about …..

Where do I go from here and where do you go from here?


We should be constantly learning new things and benefiting from the knowledge.

We should be working towards a good future for our children, grandchildren and our furbabies (to name a few).


I am working on making a difference.

Do not think you are only one person and that you cannot make a difference.

We can all make a difference.

We can all do our part.

Come together …..



Trying to live our lives with kindness and respect.

I/We shall remain,

As Always, Carol & Alvin







It is a NEW YEAR.

Well today is Saturday, January 04, 2020.

I love writing those numbers.


Feels futuristic.

We were outside a few minutes ago in the backyard to pick up you know what!

Alvin’s little parcels of love.

The air was warm and the sun is just coming up.


YAY, it is the weekend.

Once I have written this post, had a shower and breakfast; we will pop over to the Vet and pick up some food for Alvin.

There be laundry to do, floors and bathrooms to clean, walks to be had and whatever else I find the time to do.

My neighbours have agreed to help me bring in the cabinet/cupboard from the garage to the basement over the weekend.

Then I will be able to get the basement sorted out.

Now the Christmas tree and ornaments will remain until next weekend but I will have everything else in order by then.


Everyday on the news and on social media we hear stories and see photos of the massive fires in Australia.

The loss of wildlife is staggering.

I heard half a billion animals have lost their lives.

This will change the landscape of Australia forever.

My heart goes out to the people and to the animals both wild and domestic.

I know that Canada has been sending firefighters to help as have other countries.

Maybe if we collectively as a planet turn our thoughts to rain; we could bring rain to them.

Hoping for rain but not too much that they then have flooding.

Positive thoughts, positive energy.

Please save AUSTRALIA.


I wish you all a Happy Saturday.


Always, Carol & Alvin



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