Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 17th day of March, 2014.


Did you don your green apparel this morning?

I have a variety of greens on this beautiful morning.

Ready to start the day and to celebrate St. Patty’s Day in my own way.

Quietly celebrating my Irish roots.

Wondering what it would be like to live in Ireland or to visit.

I have always loved seeing photos of the Irish countryside.

So beautiful.

Perhaps someday I shall visit there ….. it is on my “bucket list.”

Do you have a bucket list?

I have one in my mind and have written a list but I have misplaced it.

Perhaps it is time to write another one and start working on it.

I do want to travel ……

So on this gorgeous Monday morning I wish you this:

May love and laughter envelope you and keep you warm, always.

May the wind bring you change and may you change the wind.

May you receive abundance and wealth easily and may you give abundance and wealth just as easily.

Have the best day and always give and you will receive.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Special Hello to: my family and friends, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 29th day of January, 2014.

So grateful that the temperature was warm enough for me and Alvin to go for a nice little walk.

The streets and sidewalks are still icy but there is enough places that are bare to the sidewalk that you can manage to remain upright.

Gotta love this time of year.

Well what is the game plan for today.

Likely it is “going to work.”

That is my plan.

Tonight I am working on prepping some jewellery for it’s travels.

That means getting the boxes ready to be mailed.

Well I am running a bit behind so will be keeping this short this morning.

I hope that on this day that you are surrounded by love and laughter.

If you have that – you are rich beyond dreams.

Have a great day.

Special Hello to: all my friends all around the world ….

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday, March 5th, 2013.

Today is my Aunt L’s Birthday …. Happy Birthday Aunt …. Have a great day.

I think we are all thinking “spring” …… snow melting/snow melted…… sun shining……birds singing …… streets and sidewalks ice and snow free……grass starting to peek through it’s winter covering.

A girl can dream right !!

It has been a long winter here in Edmonton and we have received so much snow.

I love snow but at this point I would love and appreciate it even more if it would start melting.

It doesn’t have to go away over night ….. slowly is better.



I noticed that for the past few nights I have been dreaming all sorts of weird and wonderful dreams.

When I wake up in the morning I feel like I have gone on this great adventure only I don’t remember many of the details.

Some mornings I might remember a face or a place but most times it is just a feeling.

A puzzle….

So perhaps tomorrow morning if I plant the seed now …. I will remember.

Do you remember your dreams?

Maybe it is a safeguard against things that we really do not wish or need to remember in any detail, I am not sure.

Perhaps it is the future.

But I find the whole dream thing so fascinating.


So on this Tuesday morning I hope that you are starting a wonderful day …..filled with love and laughter, and a step closer to your dreams.

Today is the day.


Special Hello to:  Happy BIrthday to You.


Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Happy Thursday March the 1st, 2012.

I am going to keep my thought for the day very simple today.

Always look for the silver lining in every situation…..

Always feel like this is truly the best day of your life…..

Always know and have faith that your dreams will come true…..

Always do the things that you love to do….

Always surround yourself with love and laughter, friends and family and

Always, LOVE yourself ……

Have a blessed day…..

Thank you …. me, too.

Special Hello: to all those people who wonder if their dreams will come true ….. always have faith and they will.


Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin …..

Thought for the day…..

Good Friday Morning …… Happy December 23rd, 2011.

Well this is it ….. only one more day till Christmas Eve, and then the big day.

I want to wish to each and everyone the most glorious Christmas.

May your days be filled with perfect health, great joy, much love and laughter, wealth and abundance.

This is my last blog until after Christmas.

My wish is that Santa brings you that special item but most of all I wish that your Christmas is filled with overflowing and abundant  “LOVE.”

That is the most important thing of all ….. to love yourself, to give love and be loved….

Merry Christmas my friends.

Special Hello:  to you ALL …. Merry Christmas….

Always, Carol and Alvin, too…….

Thought for the day…..

Good Wonderful Wednesday Morning Everyone ….. today is December 7th, 2011.


How are you today?

I am great.

Just wanted to see how you were and wish you a wonderful day.

May all your dreams come true,

May good health become you,

May love and laughter be second nature,

May joyous feelings fill the air,

May wealth and abundance envelope you and keep you.

May you always have enough food to eat, water to drink and a warm roof over your head.

May you always love yourself, and then the rest of the world will follow in kind.

Have a great great day.

Special Hello to:  YOU, my friend.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

On this warm Thursday, November 10th, 2011 I want to wish one of my dear ANGELS a Happy Birthday.

Calendar dates are a pleasant reminder to all of us …… that each and every day there are births celebrated all over the world.

Even when those people have left us ….. we are still reminded that this was and is their day.

Happy Birthday to all those amazing souls born on November 10th.

Have a great, great day and may your days be filled with joy, love and laughter….


Special Hello to: ALL MY ANGELS wherever you may be……. I LOVE YOU ALL !!


Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

What are your top 100 hundred things that you absolutely love?

Perhaps you might being feeling a tad overwhelmed by the 100 number!

So let’s start with your top ten.  Just like David Letterman.

Here are my top ten things that I absolutely love:

1. My kids: “Alvin”, Amanda, Steven, Elton & Penny (they count as one, because you cannot put one before the other)

2. My Family & Friends (you know who you are, yes, that means you.  LOL)

3. Owning my own place, my house, my home, my crib ….

4. Being in excellent health.

5. Having more than enough money.

6. Being surrounded by love and laughter every day.

7. Living in CANADA, and on the planet Earth

8. Chocolate

9. Starry Nights

10. Writing

It is not an easy task as I love so many things.  I can easily write 100 and could do more if given the opportunity.

These are just a few of the things that I love.  Add to that list: work, cleaning, roses, green grass, sun, rainbows, flowers and you get the picture.

So make your list and feel love in your heart for each item as you write it down.

With your heart open and in the loving mode ….. have yourself the best day of your life.

Remember you are special, worthy and deserving of a great life.

So get out there and enjoy.

Always, Carol

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