Thought for the day…..

Happy Friday, May 18th, 2012 …..

Mother Nature has been sharing her nectar with us as Alvin’s paws were wet after his return to the house from outside.

Thank goodness his Momma keeps a towel by the back door for just those times.

I am extra happy that it is Friday because I am on vacation next week.

As much as I love my job(s), I am so looking forward to spending some time at home.

There are so many jobs to do.

Use the pressure washer to clean the house, garage and deck.

Finish going through summer clothes and completely put away the winter stuff.

Tidy up the basement ….. there are too many boxes about …

Oh and two of the best parts about next week, well actually four ….

My grand-puppies Elton & Penny will be spending the week with me and  Alvin while their parents vacation.

That’s two.

Three is the extra time with Alvin.

Four ….. well it will be picking up flowers for my deck and front porch….. I love to plant flowers.

So that’s my week …. I will be busy but doing all the things that I love to do.

So I hope that you have a great Friday.

I wish for everyone that you are doing mostly the things that you love to do.

There are always the odd things that are not our favourites but if you fill your life with mainly the things that you love …. you will be happy and your days will be filled with joy.

Special Hello: to all the gardeners out there.  My Grandmother “Stella” is smiling down from heaven as she loved this time of year …. the planting of her garden …. the flowers.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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