Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 10th day of June, 2015.

It is a beautiful morning here in Edmonton …. sun coming up with a bit of cloud cover.

Mid week.

We had a strange night …..

About 8 p.m. or so I just felt so tired and actually fell asleep for about 40 minutes on the sofa.

It was after that ….. that I decided might as well go to bed.

So we were in bed before nine which is rare.

Of course, Mr. Alvin did not settle down right away and he was also up bright and early.

After having my shower this morning …. Mr. Alvin treated himself to licking some of the coconut oil from my legs.

What a silly dog….. it was funny trying to keep my legs away from him.

Perhaps I will start giving him a bit everyday and then he will leave my legs alone.

I have been giving him these chews from the Vet.

He really likes, understatement, really loves them.

He wonders about the house hiding them and last night ….. he decided he was going to bury one in the back yard.

I found this out when he brought it back in the house at one point and it was covered in dirt.


So as any good Momma would do …. I wanted to wash it.

Only thing was …. he thought that I wanted it … wanted it….. and growled at me.

Can you imagine?

Growling at the “Mom.”

Finally after tricking him with some of Elton’s dog food that was left behind and we used as treats (because Elton has allergies and by the way, Elton is my grand-puppy).

Anyway he dropped the chew and I grabbed it up with my other hand.

Washed it up and that was that.

He is a funny guy, Mr. Alvin.

He always makes me smile.

I hope that you have an amazing Wednesday.

Thank you for reading my blog ……

Special Hello to: all those folks out there who have a special “Alvin” in their lives …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Welcome to Friday, February 24th, 2012 ….

Guess what ….. it SNOWED last night ….. we now have a heavy blanket of the white stuff covering the streets, sidewalks and yards ……

I shovelled the deck and front sidewalks last night before bed and now this morning we got even more…..

When Alvin and I were first up and out …. I shovelled the deck ……

Will leave the front sidewalk for later …… usually I have a burst of energy after my shift at BBW so tonight much later ….. perhaps I will shovel the front.

Isn’t it funny how we can go from barely any snow to a solid covering ..

I do love, a fresh blanket of snow ….

Mr. Alvin has decided that he wants to be a lap dog and is now resting upon my lap.

He is so darn cute ….. just love him so much.

He was fussing about and asking me in his own way …. to get up.

Not the traditional stand in front or perhaps put his paws on my knees …. some indication of wanting up.

No, he has his own way.

He grabbed at my hands when I put them out to pick him up.

Now he didn’t bite me …. just does his little nibble … thing …. so cute.

Anyway, I knew he wanted up but first of all …. he likes to play his little game.

Perhaps he thinks that it is Saturday morning and time to SKYPE with Auntie Cindy…… whom he loves…..

Well almost time to sign off for another week ….. where does the time go?

I had a great week both at work and at home.

I wish for you a great Friday and the weekend.

Stay safe and warm ……

I hope that you are surrounded by both love and laughter this last weekend of February 2012.

May you have someone who wants to sit in your lap …… pet, child ….. “other” …… ¬† ūüôā

Special Hello: to all those travellers who are leaving or are at a warm destination soaking up the sun.  ENJOY.

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin

Alvin and his new “treat”

Al, loves his treats. ¬†LOL. ¬†Actually he seems to love food period. ¬†Oh, by the way, because Alvin and Elton (grand-puppy) are so similar with their names, and because I am always calling Elton – Alvin and vice versa; I decided to shorten Alvin’s name to just AL. ¬†It really does suit him. ¬†Okay, back to the story. ¬†See how easy it is to get side-tracked. ¬†Cannot blame on age, as I have always been like this….. ¬†just detail oriented. ¬†LOL

As I believe that I have mentioned before, Al has a passion for carrots and broccoli. ¬†Al’s groomer made the comment that her dogs love strawberries and apples. So last night, I tried the strawberries. ¬†He wasn’t quite sure at first. ¬†I think it was the consistency. But he ate them all the same. ¬†At ¬†noon today, I was having an apple, and decided to cut ¬†it into pieces to see if he liked it. ¬† Well it ended up that he probably ate close to half of the apple. ¬†Found out that he LOVES apples. ¬†I think it is the crunch factor. ¬†He likes food that makes a noise. ¬†So as much as the cheese, strawberry and banana (yes, bananas) were good – I think he simply prefers foods that make a NOISE.

Oh, I did try just a bit of cheese. ¬†He likes it, of course. but doesn’t everyone? ¬†Not something that I would give him a lot of though.

He does get GAS……. yes he does. ¬†LOL. ¬†So funny, the first time. ¬†Phew.

Oh, the sky is clearing.  YAY.  Nice to have the sun shining but it was nice to have a rain shower as well.  Al, is napping on his blue blanket beside my chair.  All is well with the world.  I am one happy, happy Mother.  Maybe Mom sounds better !!!

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