Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 11th day of December, 2017.

Appears to be another nice day on the way.

My hand is still sore depending on what I am trying to do.

Should be interesting at work as I have some things to do that require writing and that is something that is not easy to do.

I have been writing with my right hand which is not my dominant one.

Will have to power through and write with my left as most of the writing is numbers.

I am grateful to my daughter who came over yesterday and helped me finish the Christmas baking.

Showers and getting dressed take time.

Found that putting on “stretch” – legging type of pants, I cannot do without pain.

No jewellery, hardly any make-up.

Fun and games.

I feel naked.

Watch on opposite hand.


But at the end of it all I am most grateful that I can key without too much discomfort which helps and that I am feeling pretty good.

Although I have not really stopped since it happened.

Good or bad, I do not know.

Alvin has been at my side as I figure he knows something is up.

Oh, my darling boy.

Well almost time to go as it will take me a few minutes to don the coat, boots and slide into my back pack……

No complaints as I know it could have been much much worse.

I am grateful for that and for the girls and work and for my daughter for the help.

So happy Monday everyone.

Special Hello: to my sister and fellow blogger for their concern and comments.  I have learned that I can only trust me to make sure that I look after me ….. if someone is coming on the bus, I will

just get out of the way until I have 100% exit.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you everyone.

P.S. update on Telus and the data exceeded …. guy called me at 6:50 instead of 6:00 as promised…..then spent another 50 minutes on the phone with him ….. on the computer ….. only to tell me that I would need a technician to come out……argh.  Kept saying there is another device on my … whatever it is called.  I told him what I had…. I also said I am 60, why would I lie??  Anyway.


Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 19th day of April, 2017.

YAY, today is Wednesday.

Do you love Wednesdays?

I love Wednesdays.

Wednesday was the day that my daughter was born.

Middle of the week.

Into your groove.

They are a great day.

Today is going to be a great day.

Happy Wednesday.


I am having a small issue with the plunger on my master bath sink …..

So this morning I had to get ready in the other bathroom.

Which is great – I know that I am lucky to have other bathrooms.

Running late as I had to move things from one to the other and I did not add on the extra time.

Thank goodness I go for the nearly no makeup look.

Anyway …. now I have a project for the weekend.

One that cannot wait now.


I will have to do it.

I can do it.


Have an awesome Wednesday.

Take Care.

Enjoy the day whether at work or at play.


Special Hello to: my sister who returns home today from her holidays and I cannot wait to hear all about Peru.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 7th day of February, 2016.

The sky is alive with sunshine ….. thank you.

It is not too often this winter when I have got up to sunshine.

Now we were up at 5:00 a.m. as that is when Mr. Alvin’s tummy says “it is time to eat.”

But now when we are up to stay up at just before 8:30 a.m. ….. it is so nice to see the sun.

Actually is energizing ….. which is a good thing.

Because part of me just wants to go back and lay down …. relax ….. not to think of all the things that I should be doing.

Yesterday was a good day and quite productive in many ways.

We had a great time at the International House of Pancakes.

The food was good but way too much and if I should ever enter that house again, I will know exactly what to order.

Just “three buttermilk pancakes.”

They were yummy but I left them until I was finished the other items and then could not eat much of them.

Now I know why North Americans are over weight ….

But the way that restaurant had a “wait list.”

People were giving their names and waiting in “line.”

This was at 10:00 a.m. ….. is that not crazy.

To be honest I seldom eat outside my house …..

By “weight issues” are from not enough exercise and lack of portion control.

I do try and eat  healthy except for my sweet tooth.

But even in this climate of people losing their jobs …. that place was full.

Now that may not be the case for every restaurant but I was taken aback by this sight.

It is great for the folks employed at IHOP.

By the way, the young man that served us said that IHOP is opening more restaurants in Edmonton and in other provinces.

Said young man was from British Columbia and his boss asked him to come to Edmonton to help get this location going and now he has been here for two years.

Even bought a house here ….. but soon is leaving to help with a new location in Manitoba.

I wonder if now is the time?

In a “recession/depression” …… women buy the make-up so that they will look good and men buy liquor…

Now that was from the 30’s …. I wonder if that holds true today?



Well today I am going to get booking some tea parties so that I can hold some before February is a distant memory and I want to also start canvassing for the Heart and Stroke Fund.

Easy enough to do, right?

Yes ….. time to go and have breakfast and then have some coffee.

I am also going to SKYPE with my sister after supper ….. thank goodness for that method of communication.

Next best thing to being there …. nice to actually see who you are speaking with ….. I think.


Well I hope that you have a great Sunday.

Take some time for you ….. whether to quietly sip on a cup of coffee or tea.

Maybe go for a walk …. take the puppy.

I guess if you are a sports fan this is a big day …. the Super Bowl ….. I always thought it was at the end of January.


Happy Sunday.

Special Hello to: all those folks who write …… keep up the great work.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Good Morning Dear Readers,

I was just thinking as I was “washing my face and putting on some eye-makeup” that I look pretty “darn” good for 53 (54 in August).  There are no apparent wrinkles, my complexion is the best that it has ever been, my neck looks smooth, and I feel that I look vibrant and attractive.  LOL.  Seriously…..   So my thought for the day (not just telling everyone that I look “good”) is this ….. “LOOK IN THE MIRROR, REALLY LOOK IN THE MIRROR.  WHAT DO YOU SEE?  I SEE A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING.  ONE THAT IS KIND AND WISE.  LOVING AND GIVING.  THOUGHTFUL AND GENEROUS.  WARM AND INTELLIGENT.  FUNNY AND THOUGHT- PROVOKING.  THERE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN WRINKLES OR NOT.  THE ODD BLEMISH.  CREPY NECK.

IT IS WHAT IS ON THE INSIDE THAT REALLY COUNTS.  WHAT’S ON THE OUTSIDE IS REALLY ONLY AN ILLUSION.  So despite my earlier confessions about my visit with myself in the mirror earlier this morning ….. I REALLY DO SEE THAT I AM A HUMAN BEING ALONG WITH ALL OF YOU.  WE ARE.  WE ROCK.

So have a great great day my fellow HUMAN BEINGS.  Wherever life may take you on this Thursday ….. take care, be present and aware, be kind and loving and for pete’s sake SMILE….

Always, Carol

Helpful Hints for the Ladies

Hi, I was watching one of the morning programs and learned some interesting facts.  I would love to share them with you ladies out there in BLOG LAND:

– If you have some powder eye shadow that you have had for a bit (don’t keep for more than one year), it can be sanitized by taking a cotton swab and wetting it with rubbing alcohol. Leave the compact open and  place it inside a ziploc bag for a few hours. I tried it and it does refresh the eye shadow.  But at the end of the day do not keep your eye make-up for more than a year.  If it starts to give off an odour it is definitely time to dispose of that “metallic blue” shadow (LOL).  I have a weakness for make-up.  My bathroom drawers were jammed full.  Just last week, I decided that because I  had better do some make-up house-cleaning.  So now the spare bathroom does not house the make-up that I do not use on a daily basis.  All that I use is housed in a couple of trays in my personal bathroom.   YAY.

-I did not know this one.  Lipstick should not smell.  If it starts to give off a crayon-like odour it is time to toss it.

-Try not to purchase more than what you really need and use. ( this was tough for me but I have learned a valuable lesson)

Much easier on the pocketbook, too.

– Perfumes should be kept out of the light and direct heat ( I know we girls all want to display those pretty bottles)

I will continue to share any helpful hints that I come across in my “travels”……

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