Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 9th day of September, 2013.

So on this Monday morning I wonder what makes everyone happy?

Is it love?  Money?  A big house?  Having a family?  Having whatever you want to eat each day?

Is it being safe?  Is it knowing that you are surrounded by the people that you love?  Is it having a job that you are passionate about?

Is it dreaming?  Is it pursuing those dreams?  Is it writing?  Is it creating art?  Is it being in great health?  Is it going on vacations?

Is it travelling all over the world?  Is it cooking for your family?  Is it walking with your dog?  Is it sipping on a great cup of coffee on the patio on a Saturday morning?

Is it watching the night sky?  Is it stopping to smell the roses?

There are so many possibilities.

For Happiness.

Is it that you are just plain happy with life in general?

Are you naturally happy and do not need material things to make you happy?

What makes or creates happiness in our lives?

Something to ponder, to think about and perhaps create conversation around the water cooler or over a cup of coffee.

I hope that you are happy.

Special Hello to: all those positive energy happy people …. keep up the great work.


Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Wednesday the very first day of May, 2013.

How are you today?

Feeling great, I hope.

I am feeling wonderfully well.


Just was thinking about ideas and money.

I had recorded the “Katie” show and watched it last night.

It would seem that “homemade” is the way to go these days.

All it takes is a “depression” or a “recession” and people not have money pouring in to take us back to those simpler times.

It is quite true, though.


I know from personal experience that we can sometimes get carried away and think we need or have to give “material things” to others.

If you live a good life ….. where you are genuinely grateful for others … then buying them something is not necessary.

I at this point of my life “keep it simple” …… I do not buy what I do not need.

It is as simple as that.

How often in years gone by …. did I think  “Oh, I would love that top that I saw in the store window, and even though I did not have the “actual cash” for it but had one of those “credit cards” … I would tell myself that I deserved it and then would buy it.  Please forgive this very long sentence.  But it is an entire thought.  Over time it all adds up and then we find ourselves in a not glorious place.  I think most of the people in North America are finding themselves in that very position.  It does not help matters when retail is advertising like crazy on the radio, television, the INTERNET.

But we need to be realize too and I learned this only a few years ago “money is not your life”  and that you are who you are with or without it.  If you are being real.  Understanding that yes you do need a certain amount to live.

Anyway I think I may have digressed from my original thought pattern but then again it happens.

So back to the top, making things.  Creating your own food, clothing and gifts for starters is so self-pleasing.  Makes one so proud.

Let us share our recipes, share our creative genius.  Help others.  If you have an idea that would help someone – then share.


I am going to start posting the things that I do in this current life.

From cooking to shopping and living.


So have a great day and I will be back again tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone for taking your precious time to read my words, I do really appreciate it.

Special Hello to:  my fellow bloggers ….. words are so powerful and so much fun.  Keep writing and reading.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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