COUNTDOWN: 60 Days to 60

Today is Monday, August 7th, 2017 and it is the 3rd day until my 60th Birthday.

How exciting is this?

I am preparing my blog in advance for Wednesday as entails quite a lot of prep work.

But has been a fun process for sure.

This whole turning 60 has been both a learning and memory process.

Sometimes looking back on a lifetime brings some challenges.

For one thing it is not easy to remember what you did at say age 4 or 5.

There are always the not so pleasant memories that stick fast to your memory banks while if you are extra blessed there are way more on the average/joyful side that you may or may not remember.

I think if I have a handful or two of unpleasant ones over this many years I have done well, to be honest.

But during my lifetime the good have far outweighed the bad.

So for that I am truly blessed.

Well two more blogs …….

Thank you for coming along with me on this Countdown to my 60th Birthday.


Always, Carol


Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 17th day of November, 2014.

Well another weekend packed away in the memory banks.

It was a great one and very busy.

That seems to be the state of my life as of life.

I can sum it up easily in one word “B-U-S-Y.”

Now busy can be tagged as negative or extremely positive or a combination of both.

Depends on how you look at it.

I tend to think of it as extremely positive…

The more busy I am the more I have accomplished.

Between a full-time job and a part-time job that has increased hours from 12 to 20 over the past month, home to look after, my Alvin, our jewellery, writing my blog and time for me….. well it is plum, busy.

I do like to be busy.

Luckily at this time my daughter and son-in-law are living with me while their new house is being built.

With them here I am able to keep this hectic schedule.

I do remember to take some time for me ….. likely less than it should be but I do take some.

I do love working at the store.

It does take a couple of shifts to get back into the “holiday mode.”

So that is my life at the moment.

Busy but wonderful.

I hope that you have a great Monday.

Special Hello to: all you folks out there who are working multiple jobs, keeping a home and trying to maintain your sanity.

All I can say is “take one day at a time.”

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Last night as I laid down to sleep …… I thought of something great to relate to you this morning on my blog.

But alas, my memory seems to be on “slow recall” and those favoured thoughts have faded somewhere in between going to sleep and my dreams.

I know that I was dreaming ….. but of what !!!

I do keep a pen and notebook in my night table.

So the thought for this day is …… when you are going to sleep and get a grand idea for the next day or whenever ….. WRITE IT DOWN.

Sometimes depending on memory when you are going to sleep can be ….. well you get the picture……

I truly wished that I could pull those grand thoughts to the forefront of my memory ….. use some magic trick to bring them forward.

Oh well, no use “going on about such things” …..

I hope that you have a blessed and grand FRIDAY.

May you receive something special ….. today…..just for you……something that you have been wishing for …. for a long time…..

Happy Friday….

Keep your thoughts good …. because your thoughts do become the things of your life.

I know this for sure…..


Always, Carol


P.S. Both Alvin and I slept until the alarm clock went off …… oh, I didn’t count the time that I got up (around 3:00 a.m.) to go to the little girl’s room. ┬áLOL

Perhaps that was sharing too much. ┬áBut as you get older …. it happens….. O Happy Days…….

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