Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Thursday, March 29th, 2012 ….

How are you this fine Thursday morning?  I am great.

The air is warm outside, and the stars are shining beneath a light cloud cover.

Tomorrow is my day off and I am excited.  I have lots of items on my “TO DO” list so I will be a busy, happy girl.  Okay, WOMAN.  My “girl” days are behind me.  LOL.

I was just thinking about my “favourite things” ….

You know how “LADY O” has her “list of favourite things” …… I think we all should have a list.

My list is all encompassing (even free) ….. so here are a few of my favourite things:

– walks with Alvin

– cup of coffee in the morning

-visits with family and friends

-coffee with my “girls” …… I have a list (Amanda, Gillian, Sonja, Sherie and Karen)

– planting flowers and then enjoying them all summer

– cool glass of water after mowing the grass

-laying on the ground/deck and watching the clouds in the daytime and stars at night

-listening to music

-dancing with Alvin (I think he likes it)  🙂

– SKYPING with my sister (and then surprise visitors on the other end)

– receiving cheques in the mail

– feeling of love

– Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume (from Bath & BodyWorks)  I love this perfume …. so pretty… makes me feel beautiful..

– Apple computers

– my jeans from Eddie Bauer (love their clothes)

– making jewelry with Amanda (love our “Dear Stella” Jewelry) ….. so proud of what we make.

– being creative

– making crafts with the neighbour children

– SMASHBOX powder blush, mascara base, photo finish

– my BASICS stapler (always good to have a proper stapler at home)

– KIT KAT chocolate bars

So that is a few of my favourite things.  If you have not sat down and actually typed up or written down a list …. now is the time.

It is really a good exercise to do ….. you have wonderful warm feelings when you write down what you love …. your favourite things.

They can be things you buy that you  want to refer others to ….. or the things that you do for free …. like walks with your dog …. etc.

I hope that you enjoy making up your list.

I certainly could have written much longer but I have to finish getting ready to go to work…… ah…..

So have the most wonderful day ….. I shall have the best one ever.

Special Hello to:  all those lovers of “KIT KAT” chocolate bars…….

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin (who is curled up on the ottoman not far away from me at this moment).

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