Thought for the day……

Good Wednesday Morning …..

Remember what I blogged yesterday…..

Well I guess it is now a part of our morning routine….

Alvin sitting on his Momma’s lap.

He fidgeted about until he found a relatively comfortable way to sit.

He actually turned around, and rested his head on my right arm which works for my writing ( I am left-handed).

I sit sideways on the chair and rest one foot up on the chair to the right.

Can you visualize this?  LOL.

Of course he is a bit too big for my lap but that has not stopped him.

But you know what?

I love that he wants to sit on my lap.

I will never know what his reasons are ….

But I know that I am tickled pink that he wants to snuggle with his Mom.

To be loved is a great deal and I know that he loves me.

I wish that you all are LOVED so greatly, and of course, I hope that firstly you LOVE YOU.

Have a great day.

Special Hello:  Ingrid (my friend who lives in Sweden), all of my nieces and nephews, my friends near and far ….. and my dear cousin Janice…  🙂

Always, Carol

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