Thought for the day……

At mid point of this week midway through the month of August …… the morning sky was so incredible.

The moon glowed in all it’s glory and the stars were bright and too many to count.

I love this time of year.  Just as summer winds down to become autumn or fall.

I love the morning skies as the sun begins to rise as it is now at this very moment.


The colours of fall are so pretty.

Reds, oranges and golds….

The morning air beginning to be a bit cooler but so comfortable that you feel as though you could walk forever.

Take a few moments and stand on your back deck, patio, balcony or wherever and just breathe in that glorious fresh air.

I am so grateful for these days…..


I am grateful to Alvin for waking me up a few minutes early this morning (4:40) so that I could drink in the amazing morning sky.

Thanks buddy….. he always seems to know just what I need.


Make sure you always listen to that little voice whether it is your dog, cat, child or your inner chatter…..

RELAX …… you deserve a few moments of pure glory each and every day.

You are worthy and deserving of a grand life.


Have a great great day.


Always, Carol

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