Happy Mother’s Day – Part II

In part of one of my Happy Mother’s Day post, I only spoke of my daughter Amanda and Al (my puppy).  But there is another important person in my life and that is Amanda’s husband, Steven.  He is a great son-in-law.  Always keeps me on my feet.  I try to be the best Mother-in-law that I can possibly be.  I cringe at the thought of those unfortunate children who do not get along with their Mothers-in-law.  My Steve, is intelligent, has an awesome sense of humour, offers good advice, is compassionate and just an all around great guy.  There is no doubt that I am the most blessed “Mother” and “Mother-in-law” on the planet.  I know this for certain.  I thank my lucky stars each day.  Very grateful, I am.

So for all those Mothers-in-law out there – Happy Mother’s Day to you.  May you be as blessed as me.

Thank you Steven for being such a great son-in-law.

Note:  special hello to Elton and Penny my grand-puppies.

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