Living … One day at a time.

Good Morning and Welcome to Crazy Day #2 of Baking.

OMG, what a day I had yesterday.

Got up but perhaps not quite as early as I had wished.

Anyway popped in a load of laundry.

Made coffee and had breakfast.

Then prepared for Alvin’s hair cut.

I placed the cover on the counter and pulled out the clipper set.

I sipped on my coffee and pulled out the clipper but did not see the blade?


I picked up the attachments and looked under everything to no avail.

I looked under the sink, three times no actually four.

I looked in every kitchen drawer a handful of times or more.

In the pantries.

Under the sink again.

Then I had the gut wrenching thought that I had thrown it out when I had recently cleaned under the sink.

I think that I had cleaned it and placed it on a lid so it would dry.

When I cleaned under the sink – just thought it was the old one.

Not sure why that was but anyway – it was gone.

So there went my plan to give Mr. Alvin a haircut and bath.

Next step bake cookies.

So I started with the fudge as that is the way that I roll.

Figured something easy and less stressful.

As clearly my morning was not going to plan.

ARGH, I said, ARGH.

Well not really and surprisingly enough I did not have a meltdown.

I was proud of how I just moved on.

I think that Alvin was SHOCKED as well.

I made a double batch of fudge.

Checked on the laundry.

Then started on the SUGAR COOKIES.

I had to bake a batch of them for my girl friends.

The love them and besides they gave me the ingredients.

Cannot say NO to that.

I was late starting the cookies, I would say about 1:00 p.m. so about 3:30-4:00 the baking was done.

The cookies were cooling on the table.

We had to get out for a walk.

So we did.

On our way I heard this alarm going off in a house across the street from where we were walking.

Not too far from us.

I immediately thought smoke detector.

It was hard to tell.

I was just going to ask someone to help when the garage door beside me opened up.

I yelled in …. Can you help me?

A young man came out and I explained.

We crossed the street as we were right across from his house.

He rang the doorbell with no response.

He did not think it was the smoke alarm but thought it was perhaps the house alarm.

It stopped at one point.

He said that it sounded exactly like the garage alarm at his work.

I was still concerned but went on our way.

On the way home I stopped and at first did not heard it but then it started again.

There was no signs of anything wrong.

I was so relieved.

But also happy that I did not hear a fire truck later on ….

Then home to feed Alvin and make my supper.

Somewhere in there my friends dropped off their cookie tins.

One of the girls stayed and we chatted for a bit.

Nice break.

Followed by icing the several dozen SUGAR COOKIES and still working on laundry.

Did massive amounts of dishes throughout the day.

My hands are so dry this morning.

Packed up the cookies about 8:00 PM or so and delivered one parcel of them to one of the girls.

The other said she will pick them up today along with fudge for her boys.

They love my fudge so I always make sure they get some ….

After I returned home I spent the next few hours baking CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.

I made SEVEN batches which is about 10 dozen give or take.

So time to get this show on the road.

Time to have breakfast and COFFEE, OMG, I need that brown/black liquid.

Energy do not fail me now.

Two batches of Sugar Cookies and ice them.

One double batch of Fudge.

Retrieve the dried laundry from the basement.

Go for a walk.

Prepare for work.

Write out a couple of cards for people in the neighbourhood.

Not sure what else at this point.

Will be happy to be done baking.

The mince tarts will wait until closer to Christmas.

I took the lazy way out.

Bought tart shells and a jar of mincemeat.



Okay, I have to run.

I hope that you have an awesome Sunday.

I think we will have a great one.


Thought for the day……Just such treasures…

Wow, today is December 22nd, only two days till Christmas Eve …..

I was hanging the most recent Christmas cards that we received and decided to write up the card that I bought for Alvin.

Yes, of course he gets a Christmas card……

My eyes welled up and my heart felt warm and fuzzy as I realized  just how much I love the little guy and my life.

I am so incredibly blessed.

I have an amazing family that loves me.

Some are near and some are far away.

But I treasure their love, and keep them close in my heart.

Friends, I am so blessed in that regard as I have too many to count.

Some from years ago and some just new.

I have always known that I am surrounded by Angels.

Some have four legs and others well just the two.

But nonetheless, I have them all around me.

I know just how blessed I am and how lucky and how fortunate.

My life is perfect.

I have great health, wonderful family and friends, a beautiful home, abundance all around, and a little dog named Alvin who in his own way loves me, too.

So each day is such a treasure and they just get better and better.

So when someone comes into your life despite their arrival ……. things always have a way of working themselves out.

After all, just about one year ago this four legged little creature came into my life.

He threatened to give me a nervous breakdown in the beginning but I can see now that it was “God’s” way of saying …… it won’t be easy.

This relationship you will really have to work on – each and every day.

He will rely on you 100% for all of his days on this earth.

You are his “pack leader” – his friend, his Momma ….

So lesson learned and I am stronger now than ever.

I treasure our days together and miss him whenever I have to go out.

He has taught me many things, likely number one is patience, a close second is LOVE.

I am so amazed at him.

He greets everyone, every soul, whether two legged or four with his “puppy dog” hello and a wagging of his little tail.

He loves everyone…….

I guess that is another lesson learned.

Spread the love around.

Love everyone ……. smile, say hello.

I wish you all the most amazing Christmas ever …… filled with “just such treasures” ….

Always, Carol

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