Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 18th day of November, 2014.

WOW …… Christmas is sneaking up on us ……

“37” days until it arrives.

Well I still have to write my Christmas letter and order photos to add to the Christmas Cards.

I cut back on the amount of baking that I do ….. after all we really only need a bit …. right?

Last night Alvin and I went for a walk with my daughter and grand-puppies …. it was so beautiful ….. minus 4 degrees celsius.

Great temperatures for mid November.

I love walking as the sun sets and the streets lights flicker as they come on.

So nice ……

Our house guest “Casey” went home last night ….

I shall miss the little guy.

So cute.

I am reminded by a certain events that I must keep my positive feelings and thoughts flowing and as of late …. they have been crowded out by negative ones.

Somedays it is not an easy task but we must keep trying…..

Life is meant to be good and true.

Full of fun and laughter ……. most of the time anyway…..

I hope that you have an awesome day …..

I am going to fill it with good feelings and thoughts……

Let us send the good stuff all over the world.

Thank you for reading my blog….

Special Hello to: all those people who are having a less than stellar day …… take a deep breath, close your eyes and smile.  It helps.  Think of puppies and babies …… anything to bring goodness and laughter to your heart …. it will melt away the bad stuff…

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Have you ever taken notice, and I mean really taken note of all the random and most times less than positive thoughts that ramble around your head through the course of one day?

Many of our thoughts lie somewhere in between the up and down, positive and negative.

How do these thoughts make you feel?

Take a day and listen to your thoughts.  Keep note of how you feel.

Then the next day …… go ahead and steer your thoughts in the direction for which you want to go.

It’s rather easy ….. have fun…. steering your ship in the direction for which you want to go.

You will feel so much better.

Have a great day.


Always, Carol

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