Thought for the day……

Good Wednesday morning …. the sun is on the rise here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Wow, today is May the 9th, 2012.

Really ….. May the 9th …..

I know that I have said this on more than one occasion but it baffles me on how quickly time seems to pass.

I guess that I must be enjoying my life ….. because the days melt away faster than butter in a hot pan.

Last night I received an unexpected invitation to supper at my neighbour’s home along with another neighbour friend.

The three of us enjoyed great food, stories and laughs.

It was a wonderful evening … Alvin had his walk in before our supper.

I always make sure that he gets looked after before I do anything else.

I figure that if he stays home alone all day and is such a good guy that he deserves to be treated very well.

Oh, my Mr. Alvin ….. such a sweetheart.

I was telling my friends last night about our walks and how all the little children call his name and run out onto the street …. he is my celebrity.

One little girl was afraid of him last year but not her big sister …. now this year the little one is right out there with everyone else.

It always warms my heart to see how the children react to him …… they love to gently stroke his head and talk to him as if he is their best friend.

I love taking Alvin for walks …. it is as much for the social aspect as it is for the exercise.

It was a glorious evening ….. and our temperature was about 26 degrees …. what a beautiful day.

Wow, I just looked out the office window to see a pale blue sky and the sun is up …. that was fast.

Well I hope that you have a wonderful day wherever you travel.

Stay safe, smile, help your neighbour (whether you know them or not) and have the best day ever.

Special Hello to: all the children of the world. …….


Always, Carol and Alvin


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