Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 22nd day of July, 2017.

Today is the birthday of my nephew “Z” who is twenty-three years old.

Happy Birthday.

Hard to believe all of the babies are now all grown up.


As the days evaporate and come closer to my birthday in August, I have been writing about my life experiences whether wishes or actual.

This has been quite the trip thus far.

I would tell you all one things about this experience about writing down my experiences, my loves, about family, taking each year and acknowledging a memory, just anything and everything that your children and family would be interesting in knowing as time goes on and most certainly after you have left this earth.

Whether you grab a notebook or create a blog, writing down history and memories is so important for future generations.

What a wonderful gift ……


Well time to get this day going before it warms up ….. I want to have the house all in order before my company arrives in August.

Happy Saturday ….


Special Hello to: all those people visiting family this summer ….

Always, Carol & Alvin



Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 10th day of September, 2016.

The sun is shining amidst some deep blue rain clouds.

I hope that the sun wins out.

The forecast is for a nice day.

Last night Alvin and I enjoyed a beautiful walk in our neighbourhood.

The leaves are turning away from summer green to fall yellows and oranges and reds.

Mostly yellows at this time.

Alvin is waiting patiently for us so that we can go downstairs.

Of course, he forgets that we were up much earlier than now for his breakfast.

This morning decided to work backwards by having a shower, changing bedding and doing my blog before having breakfast, writing in my gratitude journal and having coffee.

I like to check back from time to time and see what I wrote over the years and I found something that is good advice if you will and a little bit funny.

From September 2010:

P.S.  Every day take a few minutes and just be grateful.  Pick up a notebook and it doesn’t have to be fancy. Then every morning before you go out into the world or if you are at home before you start doing your thing – write down all of the things you are grateful for or at least five.  Trust me, you feel better and it starts the tone for your day.  Suddenly that drive to work is more relaxing, the little one tugging on your pants (child or dog) doesn’t make you crazy, waiting in the line-up for your first cup of coffee doesn’t phase you out in the least and you just plain feel better.  Being grateful and loving just make the world a better place.  Also, remember to thank the girl that just made your first cup of coffee, and  to thank the young man that held the door open for you.

Back to 2016,

Have a brilliant Saturday.

We have quiet plans to do laundry, go for walks and do some tea stuff.

Happy Saturday.

Special Hello to: all of my dear friends and family ….. I think of you all the time.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 22nd day of February, 2015.

It is the day before my sister’s birthday.

She will be 56 this birthday.

That reminds me I will be 58 in August.

Where does the time go?

Have you ever sat down and recorded things that happened during your life thus far.

Perhaps each one …

Maybe by decade ….

It could be anything …. really ….

Perhaps the birth of a younger sibling.


First day of grade school.

The birth of your children.

Your first pet.

First adult book you read.

Graduating from college/university.

Death of a parent.

First time spoke in front of a crowd/group.

Your first winter vacation.

Your first job.

Major move from birthplace.

First flower you remember seeing and smelling.

There are so many things ….

Grab a notebook the next time you visit the neighbourhood discount store and start recording your life.

When you have a day or maybe a week where you are feeling like your life is blah and doesn’t mean anything …. grab your notebook and look at all that has happened thus far.

You will be pleasantly surprised.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a rocket scientist or inventor of the modern day computer.

It doesn’t matter that you do not have children.

It doesn’t matter if you did not graduate high school.

It doesn’t matter if you did not get married.

But what does matter …. and is most important.

Is this: that you were born,

that you took the time to smell that rose, and appreciate the wonder of nature;

that you adopted that wonderful dog who had been abused, neglected and unloved;

that you shovelled the sidewalk and driveway every winter for your elderly neighbours;

that you recycled cardboard, tins and such;

that you were kind to all those who surrounded you each day;

that you always gave your best.

See you have lived a great life ….. now write it down.

Have the best Sunday.

Happy birth – day …… you matter.

Special Hello to: each of us.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 10th day of September, 2014.

Today is the day that I say thank you for this venue or medium or platform or however you wish to describe.

Thank you for this platform so that I can meet new people from all over the world.

Thank you for this medium so that I can write my words for me and the world to read.

It was only a few years ago that I wrote my words in notebooks and in my heart.

It was only a few years ago that the only people who read them were a select few family and friends.

Now I can write them one second and the next someone in North Carolina can read them.

We have closed the gap, I hope on all of the things that were a mystery between us all.

By that I mean ….. where we live …. how we live and so on.

Maybe it was not a real mystery but perhaps just things we did not readily know.

So today I am grateful that I can turn on my computer and read the words others have written and learn about them.

We have made it easier to be closer together.

After all we share this beautiful planet together and we should know about one another.

Happy Wednesday.

Happy Sharing Day.

Take a moment and perhaps read a story written by someone from another part of the world.

Get to know them and their little piece of this earth.

P.S. I still use notebooks ….. nice to have a choice.

Special Hello to: my friends all over this EARTH.

Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day…..

Today, I awoke with a renewed sense of purpose.

I found the notebook with the first chapter of “My New Life @ 51” while looking for a new notebook to write my morning pages.

As I read each page – I had the self-realization as tears came to my eyes that yes, in fact, I was and am a WRITER.

A very good one at that……so after the morning pages were written…..I started right where I had left off……..a new chapter was born.

So my thought for this day is ……… sometimes you can find your purpose or I guess a renewed sense of purpose when just looking for a notebook.

It can be as simple as that ….

I am so blessed and joyful at this very moment.

The sun is shining and in my mind, the birds are singing their joyful songs.

I am on my way to pick up my Alvin from his sleepover.

What a glorious day…… always remember to have FAITH …..

Faith in yourself and faith in a higher power (whoever that might be).

Have the most blessed, amazing, awesome, crazy good, great, fantastic, joyful, loving, fun, abundant day that you have ever celebrated here on this earth.

Always, Carol


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