Thought for the day….

Happy Whacky Wednesday to You ALL!!

Today is the day that we all SMILE ……


SMILE when you meet someone on the street.

SMILE at a co-worker.

SMILE at the sun as it rises in the sky.

SMILE as you sip on that first cup of coffee.

SMILE as you think about the great day that you are going to have…

SMILE for no reason at all.

SMILE at your children and your puppies or kitties ….


We should have NATIONAL SMILE DAY…..

A day when the only expression on one’s face is a SMILE.

The world would be at peace for that day ….. I am certain.

I am going to appoint this November 23rd as NATIONAL SMILE DAY …. or perhaps WORLD SMILING DAY!!

Have a great day everyone.

Special Hello to: ┬ámy Alvin, even though he is only a few feet away from me …. lying on the carpet outside my office door ….. waiting to go downstairs ….. waiting for me…. ah…

Always, Carol

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