The thought for the day……

Wow, Friday again.

How did that happen?

I was sure that when I went to bed it was Tuesday night …..  LOL

I know that the seconds/minutes/hours/days pass at the same rate all of the time.

But honestly I am sure that you will agree …… it seems as though, as you get older they seem to zip by.

I wished that I could feel that I had all the time in the world.

Maybe if we looked at it from our point of view …. feeling wise and not from the time standpoint.

I am sure of one thing ….. there are 24 hours in one day …… mmmmm

Oh well, we are lucky to have those days …. each day, in fact.

So have a great, wonderful, awesome, amazing FRIDAY.

Smile at your friends, co-workers, family, your dog or cat or fish, at yourself in the mirror and ENJOY THE DAY.

All 24 hours of it.

Special Hello to:  Diana, Danielle, Lea, Alvin (whoops he is lying down on the ottoman beside me, LOL), Man in the Moon, Sonja and Les N.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

Wow, today is Thursday already.

I am always amazed at how quickly the weeks pass by.

I guess each second passes just the same as it always has but somehow as you get older …. those same seconds from when you were five or fifteen

seem to pass by more quickly.  How is that?  I know….  It always seems that the second half of things goes faster.

Like the bottom half of your favourite drink, last half of a chocolate bar, the last half of your ice cream cone (okay I definitely have food on the brain and it is 6:30 in the morning, crazy.  LOL).

The biggest one of all is your life.  After 50, yikes.  I swear that those five seconds just evaporate before they even appear.

So for anyone under the age of “20” ……. be patient and love your life and stop trying to be older, it will come soon enough.  Believe me.

All those of those over “50” ….. be patient and love your life and stop worrying about time lost or going quickly.

The in between crowd ….. it is and always will be a combination …. mixed up “too fast” or “not fast enough”.

So for this day ….. just love the time of your life that you are currently in …… those precious five seconds are just that precious.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

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