Thought for the day…..

Good Monday Morning,

Just wanted to share some information with all of you.

Yesterday at work this Mom & Daughter came into BBW and she had on the coolest glasses ….

I asked her where she got them from and she said “ZENNI” (on-line).

She thought that they came from China (not sure about that though).

The best part was they were $10.00.

So I just did a search on “Zenni” and found some YouTube videos of customers.

They not only loved the glasses but the prices were amazing and it only took two weeks.

One lady has a stigmatism and said she bought four pair one of which was sunglasses for a grand total of $167 (including S&H).

WOW.  So I think that I am going to try them out.

So that is ZENNI OPTICAL (I think .com).

My last pair of glasses including an eye exam was over $900.  Can you imagine how many glasses you could get for that amount?

Well anyway….. just wanted to share that information.

Have an amazing MONDAY.

Always, Carol

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