Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 1st day of June, 2015.

It is bright, sunny with perhaps a slight breeze here in Edmonton.

I had the best Sunday ever …..

My daughter and grand-puppies came over for a pancake breakfast followed by a trip to Dunvegan Gardens.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a line up at the gate upon our arrival.

Checking on-line we saw that they only opened at Noon on Sundays.

So we had a couple of minutes wait having yet another opportunity to catch up, which was fine with me.

We both agreed that walking around the flowers was one of the best ways to spend a Sunday.

The scents were amazing.

I picked up a couple of perennials for my front flower garden as well as beautiful pansies and impatiens and a couple of flowers that do well in partial sun/shade.

Lucky for me, I had bought the exact right amount.

They look so much better than the poor shrubs that had been in that front bed.

My flower bed all planted

My flower bed all planted





IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3097

Well Monday here I come.

It is promising to be a great day.

I hope that you had a lovely Sunday surrounded by love and laughter.

Perhaps you were out and out picking up some flowers to plant in your garden.

Special Hello to: all my friends near and far ….. you are the best.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 27th day of March, 2015.

Wow, is it really that close to April already?

Easter weekend is right around the corner ……

Spring has definitely sprung here in Edmonton.

The snow is melting faster than a marshmallow over a campfire.

The buds on the trees are beginning to show.

The bunnies are already turning brown.

The birds are starting to return.

There are blades of grass green amidst the melting snow.

Soon ….. very soon, one morning I shall awake and there will be leaves on the trees.

I am very happy.

As I mentioned to a friend yesterday it is the little things in life that are the most sweet.

Oh, did I tell you that I was going on an adventure?

I did mention yesterday about taking a trip on our train public transit with a friend I met on the bus who happens to be one of my neighbours.

How cool is that?

Small world.


Anyway back to yesterday.

After I left the office I high tailed it to my friend’s work where we proceeded to walk to the train station.

It was a few blocks from where she works so it was a nice walk.

When we arrived …. we went down four “steep” flights of steps to the station.

There I scanned my bus ticket and we were on our way.

Walked to the platform and waited about 30 seconds before a train arrived.

It stopped and we proceeded to climb aboard.

I was not surprised on how full it was and of course we had to stand.

Thank goodness it was a quick trip but the train was hot.

The heater was still blowing hot air ….. perhaps the engineer had not walked outside to know just how warm it was ….. oh well.

By the time the ten minutes had passed and we arrived at our stop; I was having a meltdown.

So relieved to get off the train and be outside where we waited a few minutes for the bus; the bus that would take us home.

So in the end it was a few minutes faster and less time on the bus.

The walk to the station and the steps would be good exercise so definitely something to consider.

Now going down was okay but going up in the morning ……. yikes.

Anyway it was a pleasant experience and I am grateful that I had the opportunity.

Thank you to my new friend and neighbour.

Well almost time to go as I hear my ride is near ready.

I hope that you have an awesome Friday.

I wish you an amazing weekend.

Special Hello to: to all folks who take a chance and try something new.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 26th day of January, 2015.

Last night I watched the Screen Actors Guild Awards or affectionally known as the SAG Awards.

I watched how each category was announced, and each winning actor took to the stage.

They thanked their partners, their managers, their fellow actors.

And I thought …..

How wonderful it would be if we had SAG Awards for the everyday folk.

To all those Moms who put on a smile on their faces when they would rather cry or scream.

To all those retail workers who give great customer service…..

Even when belittled and demeaned; tired after working two or three jobs just to pay the rent.

To all those fast food workers who run like crazy to get “food” to customers in record time.

Who also have to work long hours for minimum wage.

To all those Dads who go to work when they would rather be at home with the kids.

To all those people who everyday put on a happy face just to get through.

To all those who put up with cruel, bitter, angry, disrespectful, unkind human beings with a smile on their face, and maybe even a glow in their hearts.

To everyone who works hard every day of their lives with no award for their performances.

To everyone who volunteers to help both two-legged, four-legged and all beings on this planet.

We celebrate each and everyone.

I always dreamed of being an actor but just living my life I have found is one big performance.

Perhaps I do not always get paid for giving the performance of a lifetime.

But that is life.

I want to take this opportunity to say to everyone in my life … thank you.

You deserve an award.

This is my award to you.

We celebrate you.

Special Hello to: You, we celebrate you today and always.  Thank you.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 24th day of December, 2014 and Christmas Eve.

On this special eve before Christmas Day, I would like to take this opportunity …. to WISH

To wish each and everyone the most wonderful Christmas of all.

May you be surrounded by the love and laughter of family and friends.

May you be surrounded by great joy and live in good health.

May you live in abundance every single day.

May your dreams continue to come true.

May you live your life with some “wreck-less abandon.”

Remember to be kind and generous.

Remember to be grateful …. always a good place to start.

May Santa bring you that special gift that makes you giggle with joy.

That would bring a smile to my face and more warmth to my heart.

Happy Christmas.

Special Hello to: all my family and friends, near and far, we are thinking of you and wish you were here or we were there.

With Love Always, Carol and Alvin

My daughter, Alvin and I went on this photo adventure on Saturday.  It was minus 30.  We got some "cool" shots.  Alvin thought it was a real deer..... grr

My daughter, Alvin and I went on this photo adventure on Saturday. It was minus 30. We got some “cool” shots. Alvin thought it was a real deer….. grr

Thought for the day….

Wow, welcome to Tuesday, the 9th day of April 2013.

Are you smiling?

Are you ready to go forth and enjoy the next say eight hours?

Are you going to be kind in every situation?

Are you going to go the extra mile when presented with the opportunity?

Are you going to be happy in every moment?

Are you going to continue toward realizing your dreams?

Are you ready?

Are you feeling it?

I feel GREAT this morning ….. I am ready.

As I type these words my dog Alvin is laying in the hallway outside my office door and watching me …… I know that he wants to go downstairs and “out”…. to finish his “morning constitution.”

So I shall have to keep this short …… not fair to keep the “MR” waiting …..  I know how that feels.

So on this great clear blue skied Edmonton morning …… I hope that you have the best day of your life.

Give it your all …. be happy …. be kind ….. live your life.

Beside that is what it is all about.

Even if you are not exactly where you wish to be ….. do your best ….. make it wonderful.

Special Hello: “another message to my sister”  ….. would love to SKYPE Friday morning …. about 9:00 ??

Thank you for indulging me ..


Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day …….

Good Monday morning and welcome to August 30th, 2012.

We are always reminded of how precious life is and how gently it seems to pass away without much notice.

Although we see what is going on when the time approaches we are still surprised.

As of late, two very special people in my life are in that part of life that we all somehow wish would not arrive.

There very essence is buried deep within my heart and soul so that they remain with me forever.

Never to be disturbed, and always with me every step of my life.

Their families are with them and that is what matters most.

Their lives have been a tribute to all that is good within us, and to all that they did during their lifetimes.

May they soar upon the angels wings when it is their time to leave us, and may they surround us with their energy and love all the days of our lives.

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to know them, to experience their greatness and am eternally grateful for that blessing.

So on this Monday, I would ask that you make certain that you tell the people that you love ….. and those people who are extra special in your lives …

Just how much you care and love them.

Take that time.

Special Hello to: all my angels and yours…….


Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day……

Wow, welcome to Whacky Wednesday, Hump Day …… Happy November 9th everyone.

On this Wednesday morning my thoughts have been mainly on my dog Alvin.

He has taken to wanting up on my lap while I am doing my morning writing.

I might have mentioned this to you before now.

He really isn’t a lap dog as he weights 20 pounds and is quite long but nevertheless, he is one.

I love watching him get into his comfortable position.

Generally it takes him a couple of minutes.

I have to put my legs up onto a chair so that he has the length otherwise he would fall onto the floor.

But it is so nice to have him snuggling while I write.

It brought back memories of when my daughter was small and used to curl up on me.

I love that closeness.

I hope that everyone out there has the opportunity to share that with someone whether a child, spouse, or pet.

It is a great way to begin your day.

Special Hello to: all the star gazers out there.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day…..

How many times have you just missed a great opportunity?

How did that make you feel?

Did you feel upset because it cost you?

Did you feel mad at yourself for not keeping on top of things?

Did you feel wronged by the universe?

Did you play the “blame game”?


Did you feel lucky that you in fact had an opportunity?

Did you feel blessed that because you know in your heart that there is something WAY better on it’s way to you?

Did you feel joy and love, just because that is your way?

I know that I have felt all of those “emotions” at one point or other.

Lately it has been perhaps a bit more.

But even though I have those moments which might even stretch to minutes or hours ….

I find my way back to love, joy and gratitude.

Because I know and have a deep seeded faith that everything will work out for the best.

Sometimes it might take a bit longer to get there because you throw up those roadblocks of self-pity and negativity.

So if you find yourself on this Friday or any other day …. in a less than perfect situation where an opportunity has passed you by …

simply “surround yourself with love”.

Love can “your favourite music, pet, friends, family, flowers …. or anything really.  Just something that makes you feel GREAT.

Love will fill your heart and keep you on track.

So for this Friday, July the 8th of 2011 ….. with my Alvin squeaking to be lifted to look out of the office window …. I

bid you all a fond farewell…..

Happy Friday everyone and have a SPECTACULAR weekend.


Always, Carol

Moments to Mention So Cute !!

This morning Alvin and I were out for our daily morning walk.  We were about three quarters of the way around the lake in our neighbourhood when I saw three Momma Geese and a whole bunch of goslings.  I tried to count them as they waddled quickly into the water.  There seemed to be about thirty of them.  So cute and fuzzy.  Across the lake was another Momma and her brood of four.   Two were hers and two she watches.  So I yelled across the lake so that the kids would have the opportunity to see all those babies.  In all of my years I have never seen so many baby goslings at any one time.  Then just when my heart was in total awe and amazement (and Alvin’s, too), I saw in the water another Momma Goose and her babies.  This was one of those mornings when you would just love to plop yourself down on the grass and just watch all this new life.  Also I WISHED that I would have had my camera with me.  Back to the other Momma,  well we have met several times before on our ritual walks.  She tries to get them out each day depending on the weather.

This was a glorious morning and I am so grateful that we happened to be in the right place at the most perfect moment.

Nature is so wondrous.

Have a great day, everyone !!!

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