Good for the waistline….

Most of us living in North America these days are concerned with our ever expanding waistlines.

Even Dr. Oz is concerned, and has lots of helpful hints on his show.

Oprah has had many, many shows about it.

There are articles in magazines, shows on t.v. (Biggest Loser to name one).

But there is one thing that you can do that has not been mentioned (that I have heard) and it is this……


How many times have you been out for a walk and seen someone carrying groceries?

It only takes a few minutes to help out and guess what it “BURNS CALORIES”……

Helping others burns calories.

Somewhere along the way – in this busy society – we have lost our sense of community.

Well, I am on a mission to bring it back.

I think that we should help our family, our friends, our neighbours, and most of all STRANGERS.

Those people become our friends and sometimes even family.

So take the dog for a walk or your children or just yourself.

Be aware of who is around you and please help that person, if you are lucky enough to see them.

They will so appreciate it and so will you.

It is good for the waistline but also good for the mind and soul.

I appreciate your future efforts, and so will those people that you are blessed enough to come across.

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day…….

I just watched the season/series premiere of the Oprah Show.

Amazing that she is going into her 25th year.

Her first guest (one of her 300 biggest fans) was a woman from “Alberta, Canada”.

Linda from Alberta said that her life changed when she was watching the O show (as she always does).   John Travolta made  a toast to Oprah for her 50th Birthday.

She was inspired by his words.  One thing that I can say after following John T from his earliest days on Welcome Back Kotter – the man has a gift.

John seems to be genuine, warm and kind.    I have always had a crush on him….. oh, remember GREASE.

I am grateful that Linda was watching, and now has made a huge difference in the lives of some children thousands of miles away from Canada.  Kudos Linda.

My other thought is, I wished that John ………(ooh, a girl can dream, right)    Love that man.

Those are my thoughts for the day ……. something further …….  “YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE YOU WILL DRAW INSPIRATION”

Have a blessed – great day.

Always, Carol

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