Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 12th day of March, 2015.

Today is the 35th Birthday of my darling daughter …..

Wow, I cannot believe that she is thirty-five, where have the years gone?

It really seems like only yesterday she was in high school and now it has been 17 years since she graduated.

There are so many wonderful things to say about this girl of mine.

She is kind-hearted, kind of shy in a way but not, smart and funny and super talented.

As far back as I can remember she excelled in the arts.

Didn’t matter if it was drawing, painting or taking photos …. she was really good.

I could tell at an early age that she had the “eye.”

She just could visualize ….

After taking some courses through the City of Regina in photography and art classes in High School she entered the Arts Program majoring in film at the University of Regina.

Two years later she decided to take a break and regroup.

All this time she worked at least one job sometimes two.

One day she called me at work to “say that she had figured out what she wanted to do.”

I was elated …. she knew.

She applied to NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Edmonton for their photography program.

They only took a handful of applicants from all over the country and the likelihood of her getting in would be tough.

But she put together her portfolio with everything they asked for and was ACCEPTED.

The only student from Saskatchewan accepted that year.

Quite the feat.

During the two year program she took photos of “Buzz the Owl” at the Edmonton Zoo, photos at a cemetery, had friends model …. all for projects.

She even set up a cover for a magazine ….

Over the years she has taken photos of pets, children, families, weddings and nature.

In between we started our own “jewellery line” ….. Dear Stella Jewellery.

Now she takes photos of our jewellery ….

I could write for days of her accomplishments.

Today I found out that an art project she was working on with an artist and others will go to China to be displayed in a museum.

I am so very proud.

She has always been my special girl.

So today on her 35th Birthday I celebrate her life thus far.

Happy Birthday my Darling ……

May the next 35 be just as exciting and incredible as the first.

Special Hello to: my daughter on her 35th Birthday.

Always, Carol and Alvin

IMG_2856 IMG_2857

Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 3rd day of February, 2015.

Warming up.

Not sure if spring is 6 weeks away or 6 months away…. just kidding.

I am sure it will come when Mother Nature thinks it is time!

This morning I am reminded that one should always surround themselves with the things that they love.

If you love the colour turquoise then paint a couple of walls in your bedroom and or living room that particular shade.

If you love photography …. have a hallway filled with family photos or ones from your travels.

If you love baking then make some extra cookies and deliver them to an elderly neighbour or working single parent.

If you love to cook then once again make something extra and deliver to someone who works multiple jobs …. someone that would really appreciate a home-cooked meal.

If you love to write ….. send off a newsy letter to a loved one who lives far away.

Perhaps you love to be around children, and have none ….. then offer to help watch family/friend’s children so the parent(s) can go out.

If you love to walk then check with a neighbour who owns a dog who may need help getting their beloved that extra exercise.

There are so many things that one can do …. to help by doing things and surrounding ourselves with things that you love.

If you love to clean then volunteer to help the elderly or go out and pick up the trash in your neighbour.

If you have extra time … shovel some sidewalks ….

So many things ….. so much love.

Just be the person you love to be without worrying about what others think.

Surround yourself with things you love.

Live your life doing what you love to do.

Have the best day ever.

Special Hello to: my friend “V” who is one of the best people I know.

Always, Carol and  Alvin

Painting ….

A couple of weeks ago, as I sat down to do some painting with one of the little kids that I am babysitting, I realized that I had found another creative outlet.  Wow, I never realized at 53 years old, that I would be painting and loving it.  My canvases have been odd pieces of cardboard that I have saved.  The first two pieces that I painted – Miss Anela (my painting partner) decided to keep them for herself.  I have a fan, already.  She is four but that’s okay.  She has awesome taste.  Unfortunately I did not take any photographs.  Yesterday we painted again.  I snapped photos of the last two pieces that I painted and am going to post them on this blog.

You never know what you will find on any given day.  I had no idea.  So I urge you all to take care within your day, and you just might happen upon something that will provide you with joy and fun.  I really love painting.  We are getting low in the paint supplies.  I must give many thanks to my friend Anick who, when she was going through things before their move back to Quebec …… asked me if I wanted a box that had paints, brushes, cloth to protect table, painting aprons and other goodies.  I am so happy that I said “YES”.

So here are my “great” works of art …… you never know someday I might be the next BIG DEAL…. in the art world. …

The fun thing about the painting from yesterday.  The cardboard seemed to bow at bit but it gives the piece some dimension, which suits it fine.

#4 - "Blowing snow at sunrise" - paint still wet

Finding a place to showcase this piece...

Close-up .....

#3 - Bursting into Spring (behind the Sunflower pot)

Good background for my wooden Sunflower, a purchase made in Quebec City in 2007

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