Painting ….

A couple of weeks ago, as I sat down to do some painting with one of the little kids that I am babysitting, I realized that I had found another creative outlet.  Wow, I never realized at 53 years old, that I would be painting and loving it.  My canvases have been odd pieces of cardboard that I have saved.  The first two pieces that I painted – Miss Anela (my painting partner) decided to keep them for herself.  I have a fan, already.  She is four but that’s okay.  She has awesome taste.  Unfortunately I did not take any photographs.  Yesterday we painted again.  I snapped photos of the last two pieces that I painted and am going to post them on this blog.

You never know what you will find on any given day.  I had no idea.  So I urge you all to take care within your day, and you just might happen upon something that will provide you with joy and fun.  I really love painting.  We are getting low in the paint supplies.  I must give many thanks to my friend Anick who, when she was going through things before their move back to Quebec …… asked me if I wanted a box that had paints, brushes, cloth to protect table, painting aprons and other goodies.  I am so happy that I said “YES”.

So here are my “great” works of art …… you never know someday I might be the next BIG DEAL…. in the art world. …

The fun thing about the painting from yesterday.  The cardboard seemed to bow at bit but it gives the piece some dimension, which suits it fine.

#4 - "Blowing snow at sunrise" - paint still wet

Finding a place to showcase this piece...

Close-up .....

#3 - Bursting into Spring (behind the Sunflower pot)

Good background for my wooden Sunflower, a purchase made in Quebec City in 2007

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