Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 24th day of April, 2019.

Another gorgeous morning as the sun rises filling the sky with hues of pinks and oranges and yellows.

Well my five day weekend has come to an end and it is back to work for me.

What a glorious five days we had – working – walking – working and walking.

Alvin saw his friends and spent some time with Humphrey the Cat.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get some tasks completed around the house.

Always things to do but I made a large dent in the list …. perhaps dent isn’t quite the right choice of words but you know what I mean.

We even lounged on the deck for a bit yesterday afternoon.

Sometimes we walked just me and Mr. Alvin and other times we were joined by our friend P (once with Georgie her grand pup).

I am grateful for the kindness of my family and friends.

I am grateful for this spring wonderful weather.

I am grateful to have beautiful parks so close by.

I am grateful to have seen swans flying in our neighbourhood as they passed through Edmonton.

I am grateful to have seen the return of robins in our area.

I am grateful that both Alvin and I are in good health.

I am grateful for our life.


Today feels like a good day to share a poem that I wrote many years ago.



I had a dream late last night,

Of sparkling white sandy beaches,

Palm trees swaying in a sweet scented breeze,

Of clear blue skies and water, clear blue,

Of monkeys, elephants and parrots, too.

When I awoke and looked all around,

It was a dream, so I had found.

The picture is somewhat sadly different.

My sandy beaches are cluttered with garbage.

The palm trees have been removed, replaced with malls.

The breeze smells bitter — terribly so,

The monkeys, elephants where did they go?

We have come too far, too fast,

The signs have been there,

But we did not see, due to our hungry greed

From horse drawn sleighs to gas powered cars,

From tin and glass to Styrofoam and plastic jars,

From all that technology we still didn’t learn

That we’re literally burning our planet — our Earth.

The time has come to join together,

Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters,

If we learn to reduce, recycle and reuse

We can save our planet —

The gem in our universe.  Our Earth!

Written for Amanda’s school play at W.H. Ford School

By Carol Lewis on November 28th, 1990

This is so bizarre that I wrote this twenty years ago for my daughter’s school play.  It is even more prevalent today.

Now it has been almost thirty years now.

What has changed?


Well almost time to go downstairs and finish getting ready to leave for work.

Alvin is nesting on his blue blanket which has been made even more comfy by adding a lap blanket my Grandmother made in about 1990.

Talk about lots of older things.

It remains almost as new.


Have an awesome Wednesday.

Sending out our thoughts and positive energy to all those in need.

Happy Wednesday.


Special Hello to: my friend V who is such an amazing person……

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 22nd day of September, 2013 and the FIRST DAY OF FALL.


This is my absolute favourite time of year.

The sun is shining and although I do not hear them I am sure a bird is singing somewhere.

The leaves are turning the most delicious shades of yellow and red.

Mixed in with the green they bright a palette of colour that is too beautiful for words.

The grass is still green here and surprisingly enough most of the flowers are still blooming as we enter the last bit of September.

I would love for us to have a long warm lazy autumn, fall.

It is the best time of year.

With warm days and cooling as the sun goes down making sleep comfortable.

Making walks extra wonderful.

Even though I am on my way to work at the store I will enjoy this first day of fall.

I hope that you are enjoying this day, too.

May your life be beautiful.

May you have an opportunity to spend time with your family as I did this weekend.

Me and my three siblings spent some more than amazing time together.

We told stories (some each other didn’t know or remember), we laughed till we cried.

I love my brothers and sister so much.

I am so happy that we were able to spend this weekend together.

I hope that we are able to spend more time together as the time goes on.

Over the years sometimes it was long stretches in between our visits but in our hearts we are always together, laughing and having fun.

Today is a day of celebration.

Celebrate with the ones you love.

Special Hello to: my sister “C” and my brothers “J” and “T” ….. you rock and I will always love you.

Always, Carol and Alvin

P.S. just heard some birds ….. yay.

Thought for the day…….

Fall is officially right around the corner.

This Friday, September 23rd marks the first day of Autumn.

The forecast is for high 20’s ……

Happy Autumn to you all.

This is my favourite time of year.

I have the wreath on my door ….. with all of the beautiful reds, oranges, browns and yellows…..

I love the colours as the trees change over.

The palette is amazing.

Mr. Bunny is still brown so that is a good thing.

I gauge the impending “white stuff” by nature and rabbits are a great indication.

Have a great day.


Always, Carol

P.S. have to go and remove the covers from my flowers.  It was forecasted to freeze last night and did not.  YAY.








Thought for the day…..

Earlier this morning at about “5:00” when I was outside with Alvin (he likes me to go outside with him),

I noticed that there appeared to be only “ONE” lone star in the morning sky (pre dawn) along with the most

slivery crescent shaped moon that I had ever seen.  The air was a bit on the cool side with the moisture from

the rain still lingering in the air.  I didn’t step into the grass as it was wet and wiping off Alvin’s paws is quite

enough first thing after one gets out of bed.

The air was still so my thoughts seem to shout in the atmosphere for all to hear (but of course, they could not).

Wow, it was amazing.

Now at 6:30 the sunrise is happening and the sky takes on another quite different and amazing palette of colour.

So the thought for this day is:  always take a few minutes to check out the sky and discover something new or just admire something old.

Have a blessed and amazing, awesome, terrific and GREAT day.


Always, Carol


Nestled so brilliantly on the isle of Vancouver,

Is this beautiful gem named Victoria.

She is surrounded by water on three sides.

She welcomes visitors from land and by sea.

The flora and fauna are absolutely breathtaking.

Some of which I had never seen.

The coloration to favour any palette.

You must travel there to see.

People so helpful and friendly,

Make you feel like a “Queen” ….

So if you are blessed, take the chance and go see her..

The buildings rich in historical character.

There are places where the streets are lined with stone.

Even a couple of palm trees, what in Canada !!

Treasures I have found so many, antique stores aplenty.

My treasure chest was so full, just made it under by 2.8 pounds.

That’s what the nice lady told me at the airport, on my way home.

Any kind of souvenir or trinket you desire, can be found in Victoria.

Then there’s Fisherman’s Wharf ….. serving up “fish & chips” with houseboats docked nearby.

There’s the Empress Hotel,  magnificent and regal all the way up high.

Full of history and information there’s the Royal BC Museum, complete with a woolly mammoth & real ice.

The home of writer and artist Emily Carr with beautiful gardens, and close by Beacon Hill Park, rich in colour

If you take the double decker bus you will see the shoreline with water so blue and the cruise ships approaching, coming in, too.

You will pass by beautiful homes and gardens on your way …..

Then there’s Chinatown, Fat Phege’s Fudge Factory and OMG, Rogers Chocolates.  Mmm, so good.

Then there’s the Spa at the Magnolia Hotel (place where I stayed) …… heaven

Did I say flowers, trees and such nice people.

Oh, I almost forgot they even have a castle, the Craigdarroch….

I am certain I might have forgotten ….. but oh Victoria !!!

You are a brilliant gem shining bright in our glorious country, Canada.

I am so grateful that you were so gracious and opened your door and heart for me to visit.

Thank you, Victoria.

Written by CY Lewis on September 7th, 2010 (Edmonton, Alberta)

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