Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 8th day of April, 2014.

It is a beautiful day here in Edmonton and the sky has already began to lighten as the sun prepares to rise.

I am so happy – elated to have Alvin back home.

It was his snuggling next to me in the deep dark of the night that I miss the most.

Well his personality, too.

He shines his light on me always and I am so grateful that he came into my life.

It was one of those unexpected happenings that turns into something extraordinary.

I am so blessed.

He is mine and I am his.

Ever intertwined.

I know now how those blessed humans feel to have a four-legged friend enchant their lives and make them both feel so wonderful.

Recently a friend of mine lost her dear friend – he passed away quickly and peacefully (which I am so thankful for) and will always be remembered by all who knew him.

My only wish is that for each and every true pairing of a dog and human or a cat and human that all of the remaining dogs and cats and other animals could soon find that loving experience.

May you know the love in your heart.

May you share that love.

I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Special Hello to: all the animals on the planet …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Welcome to Monday, June 18th, 2012 ….

It is a beautiful morning here in Edmonton ….. the sky is a bit overcast but the sun is breaking through.

I hope that you all had a great weekend.

As I was waiting for my computer ….. I was on the home page of my blog, and noticed that my bangs from the pre-school photo are exactly the same as my bangs today.

Guess my Mom and I cut the same way.  I wished that I could tell her that but she has passed away a long time ago.  But then again perhaps she knows ( smiling ).

I had a great weekend ….. was busy but managed to get some downtime in along the way.

I had two great walks with Alvin …. each time we were outside for over an hour (even though we were not walking the whole time).

Mr. Alvin and I love to stop and chat with neighbours.  I will admit that I do most of the talking but he does all of the “kissing” ….. oh, Mr. Alvin.

Well it is time to sign off and finish getting ready for work.

Have the best Monday ever.

Special Hello to all the people that walk their “puppies” every night …. you rock.

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin …. (who is curled up and catching 50 winks while his Momma types on her blog) ….


P.S. I am up to “11” followers …. Thank you readers ….. thank you so much.

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