Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 6th day of November, 2013.

How was your day yesterday?

I hope that it was great and that you are figuring out your passions.

It is so important to absolutely “love” something that you like to do.

I mean love something that you do ….. like singing or dancing.

Making crafts, building a boat, travelling, writing a book or starting a book club.

Volunteering at an animal shelter or starting your own animal sanctuary.

Whatever it is that you that makes you feel like you are soaring and on cloud nine most of the time.

If you like something that is a good thing.

The feeling that you get when you do something that you LOVE and are PASSIONATE about is like sprouting wings and flying.

You feel light and airy.

Like you own the world.

Let us own our worlds.

See, I am passionate about getting my thoughts down on “paper” so to speak.



Special Hello to: YOU AND YOU AND YOU.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday, November 21st, 2012.

I just want to take this time to both thank and welcome all those folks who subscribe to my blog.

It means so much to me that you are interested in what I have to say and write.

Thank you.

I wonder how many people on this wonderful planet of ours have something that they are truly passionate about OR do most people just go through their days doing what they need to do.

I guess likely a bit of both.

I am passionate about writing, making jewelry and creating things (crafts).

I am also passionate about helping others ….. being around people.

There are some days that I contribute lots to my passions and others not so much.

So I guess that I have answered my question.

As I have heard before ….. “you have to find something that you are truly passionate about and find a way to make money doing it” …..

I think it is true.

Well here we are time to finish getting ready for work ….. actually both of my jobs help me to engage part of my passion and that being helping people.

So that is a good thing.

So on this late November day ….. take time to acknowledge your passions.

Write them down on a piece of paper ….. keep the paper with you …

Read it daily ….

You never know what can come along your way …..

There are always good surprises around the corner and also right in front of your nose should you chose to look ……

Have a great day….

Special Hello to:  all my new subscribers …. you rock …….

I love being able to connect with people from all over this beautiful planet of ours.


Always and Forever, Carol and Alvin ….


Thought for the day……

Welcome to Monday, January 30th, 2012 …

Almost one whole month into the New Year.

So how are things with you all?

Did you make resolutions or promises to yourself about breaking a “habit” or starting a new health care regime?

Or did you just say “to heck with it all” and just try each day to live your very best?

Personally, I just try to live my best life each day ….

Somedays I am more successful than others but all in all, I believe that I do quite well.

I have found that as much as I am a people pleaser ….. I will just say that I prefer to see my glass half full.

I wished that everyone saw their glass half full.

What a wonderful world it would be (I love that line ….. it’s from a old song)

Can you guess which song?

Unfortunately I can hear the words in my head ….. but the name of the song eludes me.

So back to the topic ( see how easily I get sidetracked) …… well at 6:15 a.m. …… it is easy to do that…..  🙂

I am going to keep working on keeping that glass half full and perhaps even one day it will be full to the top or overflowing …..

I guess really it is getting close ….. I have a great life ….. I have my Alvin, my dog  (great companion and has a great personality) ….. I have a wonderful family and great friends.

I have my own home/house, something that I have dreamed of my whole life…… now when I want to paint ….. I can paint until the cows come home…. LOL.

I am in great health, I am pursuing my passions, and hope to make them more dominant in my life in due course (sooner than soon, would be great).

Most days I am very happy …… joyful, even…  I can see a little patch of heaven from my back porch when the skies are clear with twinkling stars and that beautiful moon…

So I am very blessed.

Always remember to take the time and make a list of the things that you love/ are passionate about, ….. and check off the ones that you have or are working towards.

So I hope that you have a “glass half full” kind of day and I wish you that in your life, always.

Happy Monday.

Special Hello:  to all those who really would like to have their glass half full …… just believe, and send positive energy outwards …….


Always, Carol

Thought for the day…..

Are you doing what you love?

It is sometimes a hard question to wrap your head around?

Because you might love your job …. because of the people …. the money.

But are you doing what you feel PASSIONATE about?

Think about it?

I hope that you are.

I love to write and make jewelry.

So these are the things that make my heart go pitter patter, and make me smile.

They are my passions.

I am hopeful to make a good living at these things someday soon.

Always, Carol

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