Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday November 29th, 2012.

One more day left of November.


One more month left of 2012.

Have you been thinking about this past year?

I was thinking about it as I roll around in my head what to write in my Christmas letter.

Every year or at least for the last almost ten years I have written a letter highlighting my life for the past year, and putting a copy in with the Christmas cards that I mail.

This year seems to have passed so quickly that I barely remember back to January.

So that is when a journal comes in handy!

I write in one every morning.  It is mainly a “gratitude” journal but I also highlight the previous day’s activities (just in case I forget).

My vacation days were spent at home.

Anyway I will figure it out.

But just wondering if all of you found yourselves in a similar spot/place.

It was a good year ……

Now is a great time to recall your year.

Take note of what worked and what did not.

Always try to remember to “be in the moment” ….. the best in that time….. and all of your days will be great.

Be mindful of people during this holiday season …. be patient and kind.

Too many people rush and lose patience.

Let us just be plain old “kind” ……

I would love to see more of that at this time of year.

People are generous with gifts to the needy and such but when it comes to being out and about …. whether shopping or driving …… they lose IT!

So find it and be kind.

Thank you.

Have a great day.



Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Welcome to Monday, June 25th, 2012.

It is a gorgeous Monday morning here in Edmonton.

We had rain overnight so the grass is glistening and oh, so beautiful.

Happy to report that the garage sale was a huge success.

Sure met some interesting people.

We were most happy with the results and it just started to rain as I was shutting down yesterday on the third day.

I must admit I was “pooped” ……. today will be a quiet evening …… after supper Alvin and I will go for a walk.

I removed all of the signs but two, and will take them down this evening while Alvin and I are out and about.

Well I hope that you have the most wonderful day.

Today is my early day to start work so have to make this very short.

Special Hello to:  all those folks who held a garage sale this past weekend or those who plan to in the near future ….. good luck and remember to have patience.  I had to relearn that lesson a couple of times.

But at the end of the day I am most grateful to all of those people who came and made our sale a success.  Also am grateful to Amanda, Gillian and Signey (Madeline) who were great company.  They all sold things in the sale as well.


Always, Carol and Alvin (gotta go)…..  🙂

Thought for the day……

Well, I had a slip up.  My patience and understanding fell to the floor, and it took me some time to pick it back up.  Even though we are all PERFECT beings somedays our practice of optimism and positivity just  “falls to the floor”.  So I got it off my chest and as my son-in-law said “be in the moment”.  So after several hours of “moments”  spent tossing those impatient and not so understanding thoughts around in my brain, (and sleeping on them), I finally have got back to being in the moment.  Really, that is where the best life you can live is located.  If at every single moment we “lived the best life” in that moment – our world would be crazy amazing and wonderful.  Can you imagine?  I can.  Birds singing, puppies playing in the grass, the laughter of small children, Moms and Dads having an ice-cream cone on the front porch, music playing in the distance, flowers blooming and the scent carrying us away under the warm glow of the sunshine.  What a life?  Is this your life?  It should be all of our lives.

So back to being me.  I love my life.  Alvin is waiting (lying down on the hallway floor) for me to take him for a walk.  I love our walks.  We check out the ducks and geese and see how big the babies are getting each day.  They are so so cute.  I am preparing for our “Dear Stella” open house this Saturday (here in Edmonton).  We (me and Amanda) are excited.  I hope that we sell all of our inventory so that we can start all over…… and we will.  Today is my day off so there is the traditional things to do, like laundry and cleaning.  So another busy day.  But that is great.  Better to have a life and live it than to just have a life….

Have a great, great day.


Always, Carol

My Little Friend “Alvin”


You came into my life almost a year ago ..

You were small, needy and unwell..

You made me feel anxious and sad,

Helpless and mad.


But then one day … the veil lifted.

I fell in love with YOU.


Loving your dog is unlike the love you have for a child, friend or sibling.

It is unconditional.

No strings attached.

No arguments or compliments

The view is one-sided

Or perhaps it is not.

But the feelings are felt.

It is true and inspiring.


You have taught me patience.

To be more loving.


You came into my life late one night.

Almost one year ago.

An idea not conceived thoroughly

But yet ….. it was …

You are where you are supposed to be.

Lucky ME.

I am blessed to have you in my life.

We are joined at the hip (sometimes at the foot) LOL.

But nonetheless we are joined.

I love you Alvin.

You bring me great joy.

Continual amazement.

I know that you understand me.

Each word ….. even when you tilt you head to the side.

I know you know….

Thank you so much…..



Always, Your “Mom”



This KISS, this KISS (please stop, Mom you are embarrassing me!!)

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