Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 7th day of October, 2015.

What a gorgeous past few days here in Edmonton.

This morning when I opened the door to let Mr. Alvin outside ….. I was surprised to see the deck wet from RAIN.

Our temperatures are to be warm for the next days and that is wonderful.

What a great fall we are having …..

Alvin and I love going on our walks …..

Last night we combined our walk with a mission ….

Delivering some invitation to my Open House for Steeped Tea on the 17th of October.

We were lucky to find all of my friends and neighbours at home and of course had a short visit with each of them.

I truly feel blessed to live in such a great neighbourhood.

Everyone I know is really great.

One more work today after today and I will be celebrating an extra long Thanksgiving weekend starting with Friday off.

YAY ….

Lots to do but I am excited.

Time to do the “fall” cleanup in the house.

Go through closets (or finish as I have started) …. get my office in order ….. wash baseboards and wipe down walls …. that sort of thing.

A big job but one room at a time.

Perhaps I can get Mr. Alvin to lend a paw or two.

We shall see.

At least he could bring me a rag ……

I am so grateful for the good weather.

I am so grateful for my neighbours.

I am so grateful for my four-legged companion Alvin.

I am so grateful for my daughter and her family.

I am so grateful for my life.


Well looks like I am on time this morning.

YAY me.

Sometimes the time just gets away on me in the morning.

Even though I get up at virtually the same time each day ….

How does that happen?

Have an awesome mid week.

Special Hello to: all those folks who are feeling blessed this morning …. let us share our blessings.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thoughts for a rainy day …..

Hello my friends,

Are you keeping dry this Saturday?

Wow, unbelievable all the rain that has fallen both in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We need a huge sponge to hold it all.

My dog Alvin wanted to go out several times this morning ….. until I opened the door.

Then he sniffed ….. and walked back inside.

Finally when I knew he “really needed” to go outside ….. he gingerly stepped out.

He walked onto the deck …… holding one paw up in the air.  LOL.

Finally he gave up (as it is pouring) and walked on all four.

As much as we love the rain ….. aren’t we lucky that we can use the “facilities” inside ……

I do however, remember the day when we had to go out to the “out house” …. what a name?

I mean really ….. it might have looked like a small house but the aroma was another thing.

How many remember those days?  Some of those little houses had a piece of lino on the floor ….

some might have added a pine air freshener hanging on a nail ….. while others were bare ….

We always thought ourselves blessed to have the soft rolls of paper .

Sometimes catalogues or newspapers…. yuck.

Well it is time for me to sign off….. I shall continue this later.

I hope that wherever you are ….. that you keep warm and dry.

Enjoy your Saturday …. and remember that we have it so GREAT these days and should feel for our little dog friends

that have to go outside…….  Keep a nice towel by the back door …..

Always, Carol

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