Thought for the day…..

Good Morning Dear Readers,

I was just thinking as I was “washing my face and putting on some eye-makeup” that I look pretty “darn” good for 53 (54 in August).  There are no apparent wrinkles, my complexion is the best that it has ever been, my neck looks smooth, and I feel that I look vibrant and attractive.  LOL.  Seriously…..   So my thought for the day (not just telling everyone that I look “good”) is this ….. “LOOK IN THE MIRROR, REALLY LOOK IN THE MIRROR.  WHAT DO YOU SEE?  I SEE A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING.  ONE THAT IS KIND AND WISE.  LOVING AND GIVING.  THOUGHTFUL AND GENEROUS.  WARM AND INTELLIGENT.  FUNNY AND THOUGHT- PROVOKING.  THERE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN WRINKLES OR NOT.  THE ODD BLEMISH.  CREPY NECK.

IT IS WHAT IS ON THE INSIDE THAT REALLY COUNTS.  WHAT’S ON THE OUTSIDE IS REALLY ONLY AN ILLUSION.  So despite my earlier confessions about my visit with myself in the mirror earlier this morning ….. I REALLY DO SEE THAT I AM A HUMAN BEING ALONG WITH ALL OF YOU.  WE ARE.  WE ROCK.

So have a great great day my fellow HUMAN BEINGS.  Wherever life may take you on this Thursday ….. take care, be present and aware, be kind and loving and for pete’s sake SMILE….

Always, Carol

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