Good Morning ALL! How are you today? Another Wednesday morning, how lucky are we? I have not checked the news with respect to how the rest of the world is managing with the Covid Pandemic but I hope that it is going closer to our old normal. Perhaps a new normal would be okay. I think that people have learned so much during the Pandemic. Maybe we respect our fellow human beings more? I hope so. I sure wished that this would cover all living creatures. If we could just be good to all living beings. Can you imagine? I dream of a place where we respect each other, are kind to all creatures and live our lives with compassion, goodness and gratitude. A girl can dream!

Alvin and I have been enjoying our walks. Yesterday at my lunch break we walked to our friend Pauline’s house and back. We were blessed that both Pauline and her husband were outside so we had a quick chat before resuming our walk. Alvin seems to sniff the grass more on our walks so it takes us considerably longer. Perhaps as he is getting older he is appreciating our time outside and together. Maybe I should listen to him more. “Stopping to smell the roses.” Not a bad idea. In fact, yesterday I swear that I could smell the roses by the entrance to the park. It was glorious. Perhaps just a figment of my imagination but I loved it. I just stopped for a moment following Alvin’s lead and sniffed away. We also made plans with Pauline to meet her at the entrance to the park after work and go for a nice long walk which we did. We walked over by the “big pond” and enjoyed that park. We are so blessed to have so many parks with water in our area. The ponds were made to help with spring run-off and in event of flooding from heavy rains. We just enjoy them. We always have such good conversations and I learn so much and love them.

Well it would appear that I am running behind ….. that seems to be a “running theme” with me the past few months. Eventually I will catch up. I also hope that you enjoy reading my stories about my life with Alvin. My life would be so different without him. I cannot imagine.

Enjoy the day and I hope that you have a friend whether two or four legged that you can go for a walk with.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love, laughter and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin

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