Good Morning All! Well it is Friday and the long weekend. Excited or what! When the sky cleared last night and the sun came out – it was amazing. The trees basking in the sunlight all nice and green. People out walking and some with their dogs. Even though we walked before I started work and at my lunch break, as the evening progressed I was thinking we should have gone again. Oh well. It was a quiet Thursday. Good to have before a busy long weekend.

I noticed that the geraniums that I plunked in with the remaining greenery from my birthday bouquets were a mix of pretty live blossoms and some that were wilted. Now normally we would pluck off the dead blooms and toss them but there was something beautiful and unique about the mix of living and dead. Perhaps this sounds a bit off the deep end and I don’t blame you one bit if you are giggling or even laughing aloud. You will see in the photos what I mean.

The delicate balance between life and death is there in all things. The different shades of pink gorgeous. I definitely am infatuated with flowers snd plants. They bring me joy so why not?

Well time to go. Remember not to give up on something that has seen better days. Applies to all things!!

Have an awesome Friday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter!



Good Morning All! How are you this morning. Well it is Thursday. School buses are out in full force. Cannot believe that it is September 2nd. We or rather I slept in or rather just didn’t want to get my hind end up and if the sofa. Alvin was ready and finally before the last 15 minute snooze went off, I was up. I quickly folded the blanket and grabbed the pillow and headed upstairs to get dressed. I was fast grabbing my rings and brushing my teeth. Downstairs again, I grabbed his harness and of course he was off like an old bolt and under the table. Quickly I coaxed him out and on with the harness, my shoes and jacket and his leash, the keys and poop bags and out the door. There were a few big drops but not enough to make us turn around and go back inside. We managed to get up the back where Alvin stood just taking in the sights. Personally I miss our walks by the ponds and I think he does as well. Poor guy. We just stood for a few minutes enjoying the fresh air, the green grass and trees and life. We all need to stop and smell the roses and sometimes it takes a four legged guy to show you the way in the moment. It started to rain on the way home but we didn’t get too wet. I’m glad that we went. Part of me was not going to bother. Sometimes good to push yourself. By the looks of the sky this might have been our only opportunity. Gratitude that we went.

Yesterday my daughter came at my lunch break to drop off the items that she did not wish to their new home and that I had wanted. I ended up with some cool stuff and the return of a few things I had given her. We seem to do that. Great idea. No cost but then it is something new to you.

I took some photos of our backyard yesterday when it was raining.

The deck looks new in the rain – the wood that is. Some of flowers and plants are still doing amazingly well. I shall miss them.

Time to grab and my coffee before work. So happy my commute is non existent. So grateful to be working from home.

Have a great Thursday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Love Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! What a gorgeous bright warm sunny morning. Clear blue skies for miles snd no wind. The rain has moved on for now. I love how the sunbeams reflect off windows, fences and the cars out on the street. I snapped a few photos from a few minutes ago as everything looks so refreshed. We are just back from our little walk and so nice out. I guess I can turn the heat off.

Alvin had his third laser therapy session yesterday and seemed to go well. For the second time it was five minutes.

We had a very much broken sleep last night and I’m running late do this will be short.

Here are some photos cause I love to share.

I think that Alvin could for cutest pup wearing goggles or just for him!

Well time to fly and that first cup of coffee is calling my name.

Be safe and take care and have a wonderful day!

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you this gorgeous Saturday morning? We are out enjoying the coolness of the morning. The sun is shining but has not as yet moved to shine upon the deck so we are in the shade for now. We had a GREAT sleep from 10:30 pm till 5:00 am and what a difference. I gave him his breakfast and meds and went outside for his morning constitutional, lol. Then because what right minded human being would stay up at 5:00 on a Saturday unless you had some planned or exciting to do. I just addressed the Universe aloud that I would like a couple more hours sleep and after hot Alvin settled on his bed that is what we had. Alvin seems to have a great internal clock as he woke me up at 700 am. After stretching we were up. I went upstairs to get dressed and to gather the laundry. Once downstairs I grabbed my flip flops, Alvin’s harness and put him into it, leash on and keys and sun glass clips and headed out to greet the morning. So absolutely gorgeous out just the perfect blend of warmth and coolness. We did our ten minute round trip and then back home where I put on the coffee and then carried Alvin to our little patch of green in the backyard. We have successfully managed to water flowers without him running up the steps. I open the back gate and fetched the garden hose. Firstly, I watered the front flower bed and he watched from the backyard but did get brave and came out a few st we ps. I carefully watched and when he came out to far and wouldn’t listen to me telling him to go back, I sprayed a bit of water in his direction. Oh, certainly with no intention of getting him wet. That did the trick. So I was able to water both front and back flower beds. We are to have a hot weekend so I want to ensure my flowers survive the heat. Last night we spent some time outside and I watered the pots by hand with a watering can. I also picked the two biggest of my peppers this morning. Back into the house to run down to the basement and start first load of laundry. After that I took my mug of freshly brewed coffee and my phone and placed them outside on the patio coffee table before bringing the boy out. We sat enjoying the morning air with me writing this post until I believe he was bored so back into the house where I topped up my coffee and now we are on the sofa. What an exciting life we lead.

Last night after work I gave him a haircut and although I could really trim his paws the rather thick coat of hair that had grown on his body has been trimmed. I did not wish to give him a bath so I gave him a wash down to remove any fine hairs . Today I will give him more of a sponge bath. He looks so much more comfortable. Perhaps that is why he was playing with his Teddy Bear a little while ago. Looks like someone is feeling much better.

Off the topic of all things Alvin, I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not but my kids have purchased an acreage out at Alberta Beach. Some people just have vacation homes and others live all year round and that is their plan. They have dreamed of living in the country with a bigger yard and lots of room for their pups. They are renting their current home which is a great idea. Thinking ahead to retirement. If they tire of the country in a few years and want to move back, they won’t have to buy a house. I cannot wait to visit. They are a short walk to the beach. Now the new home is a bungalow with no basement and they are downsizing by more than half which brings me to another topic of discussion. Stuff. Why do we feel the need to have a home snd fill it full of stuff. Oh, I know there are a multitude of reasons. Most lies in that we North Americans have over the years have had the land space and the financial means to acquire stuff. Sometimes we don’t have the finances snd go into unnecessary debt but that is for another day. When I look around my house and see all of the things that I have accumulated over my life I kind of want to ask the question, Why? What for? Why do we have such a want or need to keep things that remind us of a time in our lives or a person? Why? I believe that part of this lies in advertising- advertisers do such a great job of telling us what we need and want. I guess this also goes back decades to when we began to have more of a difference between the poor and the rich. The middle class was born. With technology and industry and no wars we were settled. Companies were born making all sorts of things that were not necessary in our lives but were things perhaps making a task more convenient or just something pretty. We have long entertained entrepreneurs and today we make so many things not necessary to live our lives. An example of is kitchen gadgets. Every year there are so many small appliances that are invented and created. We have become a society hungry for money. We put way too much emphasis on having “it all” – money to buy and go wherever we choose. I could go on and on but the point is we have too much stuff and I applaud my kids for getting back to basics or at least closer than they now are. I am trying to make some changes as well. It is taking a bit longer as with Alvin in recovery my time is mainly put to looking after him.

I think that we need to think twice about the size of the homes we live in and I know that I have more space than I need. Think about all the things we bring into our homes. Now I am all about supporting small business and friends that are in direct sales to support their families as I am one of them. Maybe we need to stick more to items that are consumable.

I have a few photos to post and then time to get going. My first load of laundry is washed by now. Time to have some breakfast.

We can all reflect and think about making some changes.

I apologize as somehow I copied the categories from my blog and cannot seem to remove. So will have to leave on this post. The dangers of posting using my smart phone and not the computer, argh,lol.

Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! How are you this morning? I am fine except for being congested, sneezy and have a dull headache. All as a result of the smoke and humidity. Last night I suffered from the Sunday night unable to turn off the thoughts, I’ll call them blues. I’m pretty sure that some people can identify with those. Alvin took awhile to settle down as well. Once we hot to sleep we slept till about 500 and then up. He ate and then outside. Back to the sofa for almost two hours more sleep. Then up. Outside, I will say this, Alvin has never had such good poops since he started to have one tablespoon of pumpkin (no spices, just pumpkin) with his second meal of the day. His vet had recommended it as the pain meds tend to cause constipation. I don’t remember her suggesting it last summer when he was on these same pills. Oh well, so happy she did. Okay, I know you don’t really want to read about someone’s poop. Actually the state of your poop can tell you so much about your overall health as can your pee. Yup, it is true. Also your eye health can signal health issues like diabetes for example. Always a good idea to have your eyes checked on a regular basis. My doctor hat has now come off, lol.

Yesterday late morning our friend Pauline dropped by for a visit. So nice to see her and catch up with her. I miss chatting with her on our walks and seeing her beautiful flowers and garden. We are into our third week of no walks. Oh, how we both miss being out and about. The geese, our friends, the park, seeing the fountains in the park, meeting new people and pups. Seems like forever since we have been out. We are suffering from that temporary loss for sure.

I snapped a couple of photos this morning to show the colour of the sky. Seems like forever since we saw the sun shine. We went from high temperatures to smoke filled skies.

Wishing you a great Monday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude.

Always, Carol&Alvin


Good Morning All! Welcome to another hot day in Edmonton. I will be over the moon when our a/c is serviced next week and I am willing to bet that Mr. Alvin feels the same. I certainly am not going to complain about these warm days as our summers are relatively short compared to our winter / cold months. So we do our best to keep cool. I would have escaped to the basement with Alvin but packing him up and down the stairs is not easy. He weighs a good 30 pounds give or take and I have to carry him a certain way so as not to hurt his knee any further. So we just spend our evenings in front of the fans. I do hope it cools down later in the evening.

Last night I was fixing the living room blinds so that Alvin could clearly see outside without having to strain looking through them semi open.
I noticed there was a little robin standing on the top of the front flower bed. It didn’t seem to be too disturbed by me watching through the open window with only a screen between us. It hopped about and into the dirt amongst the flowers, all the time holding something in its beak. I love robins. Partway through taking photos through the screen I decided to go outside and see if I could snap a photo or two. I was able to get a couple of our little visitor. I was thinking that perhaps the little one may be thirsty so I took a clear glass storage container and filled it with cool water. As I stepped off the last step and edged closer to the little feathered one, it semi flew and hopped onto my neighbour’s front flower bed. Surprisingly enough it didn’t fly away but hopped onto the grass. The water is left for any birdie or perhaps a bee needing a drink.

The second photo behind the screen is of the robin and is the first photo I took and then I went outside.

Well as our life continues to change with our new norm, we just continue to live one moment, one day at a time. Trying to keep some sense of sanity, patience, definitely patience and knowing that things will get better.

I am grateful that our sofa is comfortable but even at that it is not our bed. With the heat we struggle to get comfy and sometimes can make for a long night. But we will get through it, just one day at a time.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday.

Continuing to live each day with kindness , respect, compassion, patience, understanding love an gratitude.


Good Morning ALL! How are you doing this Monday morning? Looks like a very hot week ahead of us here in Edmonton. Beautiful bright sunny sky with a cool wind. We are heading out for our first walk of the day due to the higher temperatures of this afternoon and should be able to get a second one in at my lunch break. Sunday morning I shot some photos of the sky from the early morning (yup first ones taken at 5:00 a.m.) and the sky was glorious. I wanted to share them with you but as I wanted to honour my friend Martin, I decided not to post the photos, not to wish all the DADS out there a Happy Father’s Day or to acknowledge the first official day of summer. So I am doing all of that today.

The changes in the sky all took place in just over an hour’s time. The sky was incredible. I wished that I was a great photographer. I was in awe of the early morning sky.

Mother Nature in all her glory.

Yesterday was a good first day of summer and Father’s Day was mixed for a lot of people.

Wishing you an awesome Monday.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, understanding and gratitude.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Good Morning ALL! How are you this great Thursday morning? Alvin and I are doing great after a FANTASTIC night sleep. The sky is overcast and it is windy. The wind seems as though it is here to stay.

I finally downloaded my photos from Tuesday night. The flower shots were all taken during a crazy strong wind. Some photos were so blurry that I had to delete them and reshoot them. I love the vibrancy of my beautiful flowers and the green plant at the end of the first row is a PEPPER PLANT. I can hardly wait to see peppers forming. It will be a surprise as to what colour they will be. How exciting. I also threw in some photos of a couple of selfies that I was trying to take for a Fifth Avenue Jewelry Jewelry post and well, the most important subjects were Alvin and the necklace. I took those photos Wednesday late afternoon and the ones of Mr. Alvin laying on his bed were taken Wednesday morning after he wanted to play with his Teddy Bear. Which we did. So cute.

We had two lovely walks yesterday. At lunch time we met a dog named Wilson. I love that name for a doggie. Not much is new with me and Alvin. Father’s Day is coming up for all those Dads out there.

I hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I love the subjects of the photos. Flowers are a passion for me. I love their beauty, various colours and shapes and scents. They just make me feel like a billion dollars. Another passion in my life is my four-legged buddy. I will admit that sometimes I do have less patience than I should but I do try as we continue to muddle through this life of ours together.

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday. Maybe you are doing something special today? Just for you! I hope so. You deserve to take some time and do something just for YOU. You, rock. Remember that! We take ourselves for granted sometimes.

Continuing to go through this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love and gratitude and thoughtfulness.

Always, Love Carol & Alvin


Good Morning ALL! How are you doing on this rainy Tuesday, June 8th, 2021? Both Alvin and I are great. We, Alvin slept through until 5:00 a.m. – that is amazing. So at least I feel as though I had a decent sleep. It is raining as I alluded to in my opening sentence. It just started raining about half an hour ago. I have to run out and ensure that the downspout is turned the right way and clean up you know what from a little while ago when Alvin was out. The forecast is for rain off and on for the next couple of days. There were points yesterday where the sun did shine. Last night I made an executive decision to put most of my flower pots in the garage and the others close to the garage and to the house for some shelter as they do not require that much moisture. Also yesterday one of the girls on my work team let us know that it was hailing at her home. So decided not to take the chance. I cannot do anything about the plants in my flower beds but at least I can help out the flower pots. I very much want them to last until say October. So I watch the weather – if it looks like a huge downpour / hail is in the forecast I move them into the garage or to some shelter. The garbage guys just picked up the trash. I love when I can look out of my office window and see green. The trees are full leaved now and are beautiful.

Yesterday my kids made a quick stop to drop off some items that they picked up at the freecycle and some items they no longer wanted and that I could use. I got a chair that I am using in my bedroom, two chairs for the kitchen and a desk and a flower pot. The flower pot is an exact match to a ceramic one that I acquired a few years ago. Sweet deal. We had a short visit and then they were off.

As it was raining at noon we did not go for a walk and in the morning we were reeling from lack of sleep so our walk waited until after work. It was actually quite nice at that time. I wore a light spring jacket as it was a bit cooler.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I went from 3000 photos on my phone to 285. I went through most of them. The ones remaining are a few that I choose to keep and the remaining are ones to be uploaded to my computer. YAY, me. Feels so great.

I cannot remember if there was anything else that I was going to tell you or not. Oh, last minute ….. Master Teddy is coming at 10:00 a.m. to spend the day with us. His parents are going to the farm for a bit and Kobi is going to the groomers. So Teddy will come and hang out with me and Alvin. Alvin will have company while I work. He will be happy.

Well time to get going. I want to check on the downspout and do the other thing in the backyard …. starts with p and ends p ….. three words. Can you guess? Think about it. I gave you some clues in my post.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Continuing to live this life day by day with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love and gratitude.

Always, Love Carol & Alvin

P.S. one more thing. Yesterday the doorbell rang so we went to the door to find this gray-haired older man standing on the bottom step holding a sign. The sign was from Canada Roofing. The guys that are going to do our shingles. Only thing is they have not confirmed this and I have not signed a contract as yet. Kind of out of order, I would think. Anyway just wanted to share. I am excited to finally have new shingles on our home.


Good Morning ALL! I hope that this finds you well and enjoying this Saturday, June 5, 2021. Alvin and I are up and at it. He has already had breakfast, I am washed up (still in pjs for the moment), bed made, laundry gathered and writing this post. I am hoping to get out shortly and get a walk in before it rains. Rain in the forecast for today. This seems like a great opportunity to work on my photos on the computer and on my phone. I was attempting to download my recent photos from my phone to the computer but alas it downloaded older photos which are already on my computer. Not quite sure about what is going on but I am going to delete and clean up both my phone and computer. Figure out what is already on my computer and delete them permanently from my phone. Why oh why is it so difficult to delete photos from your phone or anywhere really. Most times we have a billion of the same shot. Even the ones that are out of focus are sometimes hard to depart with. Do I have a problem? Or is this what some of you are experiencing as well? Can you let me know? I know that I have a problem, somewhat. Even back in the days of film and printing them (which by the way we don’t do much anymore, or is it just me?), I had a hard time throwing out the shots that were totally black. Anyway, I am working on this issue and luckily with technology those days are gone. We can take multiple shots in the moment and usually have at least one that is good for our collections. My collections. OH my goodness. I have over 39,000 on the computer which is down as I have been slowly going through them. I also pay a company to backup my photos so why do I keep them all? Not sure. I have almost 3,000, I believe on my phone. Which is another story. Most of those photos are on my computer which is backed up by yes, that company. I also paid extra for room on the cloud. Something about not being able to see although the company that backs them up, I can access and see them. I have to figure things out as clearly there is a pattern here, lol. Perhaps if I was more comfortable with technology and could trust in it, I would be able to let go. I have that song from FROZEN in my ….. Let it Go, Let it Go …… I say that often in my life. Oh well. My issues for the moment. Shortly I will be dressed and we will be walking out the door. I am looking forward to spending the day looking at photos. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Also doing laundry ….

I hope that you are doing well. Time to get this show on the road. We want to walk before the rain hits.

Have a splendid Saturday. Trying to use some new words as typically we use the same adjective and adverbs over and over and over again.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love and gratitude each and every day.

Happy Saturday.

Always, Love Carol & Alvin

Now that is a view on a rainy day……

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