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Welcome to Monday, December 24th, 2012 ….  CHRISTMAS EVE ……

Today I want to start my blog off with a photo from a Christmas one of my first …….. we lived in a tiny house on the farm.

There were three small rooms …. one room that was for living and at the back two small bedrooms.

Our tree was real of course and notice how my Mom had placed wrapped paper around the bottom.

Our curtains were plastic …. and she taped all the Christmas cards to the wall above the sink.

I do not remember that Christmas but I am happy to have the photo.

I must have been proud of my dolly as I am holding her up in front of my face.

I wished that I still had the star from atop the tree or any of those old decorations.

I am not sure what my sister is doing with her doll.

Me and my sister from a Christmas long ago .... I think about 1960...

Me and my sister from a Christmas long ago …. I think about 1960…


Four of the Five of Us

Four of the Five of Us

We moved into the “big new house” in 1964-65.

“Still had plastic curtains”  (I remember going to my grandparent’s house and loving her curtains not made out of plastic…)

I always thought it was 1965 but there are photos of my Mom very pregnant with my youngest brother and he was born in January of 1965.

He is not in this photo ….

So cute my little ones.

We went from a small, small house to this mansion of a house.

The new house had two stories and the rooms were huge.

We are at one end of the living room in this photo by the Christmas tree.

I remember running in sock feet and sliding on the linoleum.

We always waxed the floors …..

I would say that we had Charlie Brown trees ….. but to me they were beautiful.

I have always loved Christmas ….


Same photo different angle…..

All Five of Us

All Five of Us 1965-66

It looks like things have not changed when trying to get children to sit still and smile for a photo.

Cindy is trying to help my hold our baby brother, John looks restless and Jeff bless his heart is sitting perfect.

My brother Jeff joined the angels a few years ago and I miss him …. I miss all my siblings and do not see them often.


I only have a handful of photos from my childhood and wanted to share these with you …. thank you for indulging me.

Christmas is all about family and being with the ones that you love.

So even when you can not be together ….. you can think of the ones that are no longer with you …. and share your memories of them with others ….. feel them in your heart.

You can SKYPE, email, telephone, text and be your family on Christmas …..


Me and My Sister Christmas in the little house.

Me and My Sister
Christmas in the little house.

I love this photo.

My sister reminds me of her grand-daughter ….

Me and my bangs …. still wear those today.


So it is time to get downstairs and have breakfast and start preparing things to eat.

I hope that you have a great Christmas Eve.

I will send off a Christmas Day blog …. tomorrow.

Have the best Christmas Eve ever ….

Thank you so much to each and every one of you and to all you bloggers, I promise to read more of your work.



Special Hello to:  YOU


Always and With Love, Merry Christmas Carol and Mr. Alvin



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