Thought for the day…..

Happy Friday, December 2nd, 2011.

I hope that you are having a splendid day thus far.

It is almost 6:10 a.m. here in Edmonton.

The wind is blowing giving the house some eerie sounds.

Alvin has stood up and looked ….. when one of the Christmas decorations outside was hitting against the house.

Oh, the wind.

So on this Friday ….. what are you doing?

Sleeping in or up already?

Play day or work?

Baking or shopping?

I am doing a bit of everything on this day.

As always ….. there is always room to enjoy.

Put a smile on your face and enjoy this Friday.

Wind or calm.

Up or not.

Happy Friday.

Have a great weekend…..

It is bath day for Mr. Alvin tomorrow and Christmas card writing for me.


Special Hello to:  YOU, my loyal reader.  I hope that you enjoy my thoughts.  I am going to post some photos this weekend and perhaps write a story, time allowing.


Always, Carol


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