Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 24th day of January, 2015.

It is a glorious morning here in my bedroom in the city of Edmonton in the province of Alberta in the country of Canada.

The sky is a beautiful clear blue and the sun is SHINING.

I have something very cool to tell you.

Last night I worked at the store.

I had the best time as usual.

So much fun.

Even saw a couple of our regular customers (after awhile you get to know some people).

The nicest couple on the planet.

It was a great night.

So when I left the store about 9:20 to go and catch the bus …

what do you think happened as I left the mall?

You might think that January in Alberta it might be snowing.

You might think that January in Alberta it might be blowing and snowing.

You might think that January in Alberta the temperature might have taken a quick nose dive and be very COLD.

But you never and I mean pretty much never would go outside to …..


Like the rain we get in the summer time.

It was warm and raining …..

So on my walk home from the bus stop to my house was a bit tricky.

I walked very slowly and carefully.

The streets were a mess.


Some from the warm temperature and it has been melting and from the rain.

There were spots that looked dried but was “black ice” and a few times I almost took a fall but manager to arrive safe and sound.

What a great place to live.

Supposed to be warm today so more will melt.

I think we need the streets scraped.

Well time to get this Saturday rolling ….

Big plans: LAUNDRY, Alvin needs a hair cut and bath (he is looking like the SHAGGY D.A. from the Disney movie) and miscellaneous other things.

So I hope that you have a great Saturday.

Always remember to take some time to relax and have that cup of coffee or tea or lemonade.

Be kind.

Pass out compliments and be polite.

We need to be better “neighbours” to each other on this planet.

Also big one: be kind and respectful to all of the other inhabitants on this planet.

Our dogs, our cats, our wildlife …… how would you like to be kicked or thrown about all for being you.


Special Hello to: everyone who is respectful and kind …. let us show everyone how it is done.  Shine your light.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, the 19th day of July 2013.

Up before eight overcast but already feels muggy.  Small pools of water and wet grass evidence of rainfall overnight.  What a beautiful morning.  So glorious.  The fragrance of the remaining roses lined our walk around the lake.  I must get some of those roses for my flower beds.

Today is my Friday off from the office (not that office).  What a grand morning.  Already have walked Alvin, had breakfast, changed bedding, wrote in my journal and now my blog, then put sheets in washer and followed by picking up trash in the neighbourhood.  Once I am done I will mow the grass (that is mine, and two of my neighbours (we take turns) out front and then mine in the back and then quickly freshen up and go for COFFEE at my dear friend “G’s” house.  All before lunch.  YAY.  I feel great.  I have a TO DO list that has at least 30 items on it.  Now some of them are small things that only require a few minutes while others might take some time.  Always feels good to accomplish things.


So I will keep this short.  Just wanted to share my morning…..


Well better get going as I do not want to lose momentum ….. you know what that is like.

I would just like to thank all of the new people who are reading my blog and to those who have been reading …. thank you, thank you.  You are making my dreams come true.

Have a great weekend.

Special Hello to:  every one who has this day off from your job …. remember to take a deep breath and enjoy a few minutes of pure joy…….


Always, Carol and Alvin

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