Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 31st day of May, 2018.

Wow, May is coming to a close.

Hard to believe it is the last day of this month.

Tomorrow is June.

How on earth did that happen?

Still overcast but has stopped raining.

It is cool outside.

Far cry from a few days ago.

Alvin and I are enjoying our walks.

The past couple of days we have walked before he even ate supper.

Guess he likes to eat a bit later.


Paw Patrol (pet sitting) is going well.

Humphrey is quite the Cat.

He makes me giggle.

We are having fun together.

Last night he was in the cuddling mood, so that we did.


We always try to do better, right?

Stop to thinking before speaking.

Listening to your inner voice and not letting it escape before it should.

Perhaps a bit of editing.

I am not saying that we should watch with delicate care as to every word that we say but far too often our inner voice in the heat of the moment is far too emotional to escape to the outside world.

Most times saying exactly what you think does not make you feel any better, certainly does not make the situation any better, so editing helps.

No need to fuel the situation.

Every day WORDS are spoken in the trillions and more …. far too many to actually count.

So why not make them as positive as possible.

Yes, sometimes criticism is necessary but not all of the time.

There are times that I want to scream but I take a deep breath and just say something to myself.

Because it is not actually necessary to speak to every conversation.

Sometimes SAYING NOTHING is far more powerful than speaking out.

Just some thoughts this morning.


Well almost time to leave for work here.

I hope that you have an awesome Thursday.

Wishing you to be surrounded by positiveness.


Special Hello to: my friends all over the world.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 7th day of January, 2016.

The past couple of days I have been home sick and am going to work today.

Still not feeling 100% but have to get back to work.


How has the world been the past couple of days?

I know that shots were fired in my daughter’s neighbourhood the day before last.

They are okay – thank goodness.


This whole mixed up world.

What is happening?

Why are we where we are?

Is anyone asking this question?

Does anyone care?

Is it because of man’s never ending need to be the most powerful / the richest?

Is it because we cannot stand to see someone else with more than us?

Is it because we never completely found compassion for one another?

Is it because we are never satisfied?

The list of questions could go on and on and I have to go to work but perhaps you see my point.


I have always tried to be kind and 98% of the time successful, I believe.

Is this a male / female thing?

I do not know.

But something has to change before we destroy ourselves and this beautiful gem in the universe.

Just feeling a little sad this morning ….. perhaps because I am not at my best …. it has me in reflection mode.

But I hope that one by one we can see the light and change things before it is too late.

Please go out of your way to be kind …. to help each other …..

Forget thinking that someone else will stop and help that person in need ….. it has to be you.

You are that person….

You must stop.

If we continue to pass by …. then we will not have learned perhaps the most important lesson of all …..

Compassion for those in need.

To help each other ….. to have community.

Without compassion there is no love.

Without compassion there is no kindness.

Without compassion there is …..


I hope that you have a wonderful day ….

Everything starts with you and me.

Special Hello to: my family and friends.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day……

Words are such a beautiful way of expressing oneself.

I am just listening to Taylor Swift’s new song “Back to December” …… she has a gift.

I love to write.

Words are so powerful.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

Alvin and the Red Leash

I have learned so many things about dogs since I adopted Alvin back in January of this year.  Alvin and I started our daily walks back in February.  Initially, I had to wait to take him out into the neighbourhood.  He was on medication, and did not have his shots, and was not neutered.  So once he had his shots and stuff we were able to get out of the house.   Most of our walks consisted of Alvin pulling me along to where he wanted to go.  He loves to sniff everything that he sees.  I am pretty patient for the most part so I let him lead the way.  The leash that I was using would extend when he pulled on it (unless I had it in the lock position).  When he got ahead of me, Alvin would sometimes get something off the ground and eat it.  Yuck.  I mean, really.  LOL.

One night last week my daughter and son-in-law and “puppies” came over for supper.  After supper, (as it was a beautiful evening) I decided that Alvin and I would walk them home as we had not been out that day.  (Most days we go for two walks).  As we were walking along my son-in-law noted that our walk would be much more enjoyable if “I did the leading” and for that I would require a different kind of leash.  Steven said “we have an extra one that you can borrow.”  I also received a lesson in dog walking (which I desperately needed).  Yes, you might wonder why I would have waited this long to do this ….. well as with anything …. time goes by and you just sometimes keep doing what you are doing until  one day the LIGHT BULB comes on, and that’s when you make changes.  I was pleasantly surprised when Steven was walking him how well he responded.  Note:  Steven has taken him for walks before and he, Alvin listened to him.  Must be the “male” thing.  LOL.

When we got to their house, Steven grabbed the new leash for Alvin.  Guess what it was RED.  I think red is a great colour.  Powerful and strong.  I felt powerful and strong.  Maybe now I could become the LEADER OF THE PACK, vroom vroom…… (remember that song from like the late 60’s – early 70’s).  I thanked my kids for the new leash and we were on our way.  Alvin did so well.  Our walk home was much more enjoyable.  Actually felt like we got a work out.

So that is my story about Alvin and the “red leash”.

Always, Carol

P.S.  our walks since that night have been great.  I am leading the way and he is walking right beside me or a bit behind.  It was a great lesson for me to learn.  I am most grateful to Steven and Amanda for all of their help with Alvin.  They are the best daughter and son-in-law that a Mom could ever ask for …….  🙂

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