COUNTDOWN: 60 Days to 60

Today is Wednesday, July 5, 2017 and it is the 36th day until my 60th Birthday.

Okay, perhaps I am showing my age, just ever so slightly as I do not remember everything that I have written thus far.

Mm, what I have done over the past 59+ years ….. check.

Mm,  things that are important to living a great life ….. check.

Mm, places visited ….. check

What else did I write?


I guess one more thing I can think of at this very moment is:





I say these words over and over and practice and practice.

I try everyday to live in the moment.

Some moments are successful and others are not.

But I keep trying.

Trying being the operative word.


Have fun …. be yourself.


Always, Carol


Thought for the day…….

On this wonderful Wednesday morning ….

The moon was partially hidden by some eerie clouds earlier this morning.

I imagine that the moon is practicing for Halloween.

Just wanting to get it right.

You know how “HE” is ….

Remember it is okay to practice …..

Practice makes perfect.

Every day I practice ….

To say and do the right things.

To be a better human being.

To be less harsh on my myself and have more patience with others.

To be a better me.

Happy Wednesday.

Have a great great day everyone.

A special hello this morning to:  Sara & the boys…. and Happy Anniversary to Amanda & Steven…..

Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

Well, I had a slip up.  My patience and understanding fell to the floor, and it took me some time to pick it back up.  Even though we are all PERFECT beings somedays our practice of optimism and positivity just  “falls to the floor”.  So I got it off my chest and as my son-in-law said “be in the moment”.  So after several hours of “moments”  spent tossing those impatient and not so understanding thoughts around in my brain, (and sleeping on them), I finally have got back to being in the moment.  Really, that is where the best life you can live is located.  If at every single moment we “lived the best life” in that moment – our world would be crazy amazing and wonderful.  Can you imagine?  I can.  Birds singing, puppies playing in the grass, the laughter of small children, Moms and Dads having an ice-cream cone on the front porch, music playing in the distance, flowers blooming and the scent carrying us away under the warm glow of the sunshine.  What a life?  Is this your life?  It should be all of our lives.

So back to being me.  I love my life.  Alvin is waiting (lying down on the hallway floor) for me to take him for a walk.  I love our walks.  We check out the ducks and geese and see how big the babies are getting each day.  They are so so cute.  I am preparing for our “Dear Stella” open house this Saturday (here in Edmonton).  We (me and Amanda) are excited.  I hope that we sell all of our inventory so that we can start all over…… and we will.  Today is my day off so there is the traditional things to do, like laundry and cleaning.  So another busy day.  But that is great.  Better to have a life and live it than to just have a life….

Have a great, great day.


Always, Carol

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