Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 2nd day of May, 2015.

What a strange morning it has been weather wise.

When Alvin and I first got up at 5:30 – the sky was overcast, I could see rain clouds lining up.

Then we hit the sofa for some extra zzz’s and got up just after 8:00 to find bright sunshine.

Now it is just a few minutes after 9:00 and the sky is beginning to fill with clouds.

So I must get this show on the road as my plan was to go and vote in the advance polls for our provincial election followed by a little trip to the grocery store.

Oh and it is windy.

We sure seem to have been experiencing more wind the past weeks.

Not sure what is going on there or maybe it is just this gal’s memory playing tricks.

As I sip on a hot cup of coffee or rather a warm cup of coffee as you see I turned off the heat figuring not necessary and it is rather cool in the house.

But we are tough, and it is in the low 60’s (F) in the house so really that is not cold.

After all, Mr. Alvin is wearing his coat and I can always don a sweater to help.

So another busy Saturday and oh how I am loving having Saturdays at home.

Cleaning …… extra walks with Alvin …… doing whatever I chose and whatever needs to be done.

I miss my friends at the store but love having my time at home.

My thoughts are of them and also of the people of Nepal.

One of my co-workers from the office is from Nepal and just so happens she is visiting her family.

They are safe.

I keep them safe in my thoughts.

So on this Saturday think of how lucky we are and if you can lend a helping hand ….

Some people can go to Nepal and help but most of us can only send money or much needed items.

We should always do what we can to help others.

It does not matter where they live whether next door or across the ocean …. we are here to help each other.

I hope that you all have an awesome Saturday.

Stay warm, keep safe and treat the world with kindness and respect.

Special Hello to: my friend in Nepal and to her family …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

WHOO HOO ….. what a gorgeous weekend and morning …. today is Monday, April 23rd, 2012.

Today the citizens of Alberta go to the polls to vote for our provincial leadership.

I hope that everyone goes out to vote.


Yesterday I was reminded by my dog Alvin to be MORE PRESENT and to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

It is funny that a creature that cannot communicate by our traditional standards …. can teach you so much.

My grand-puppies, Elton and Penny had spent Saturday night with us, and yesterday morning as the night before the three of them seem to have energy to burn as they raced around the living and kitchen.

A little jump here and there as they slid on the rugs/mats by the doors.  So cute.

Grabbing a bone from each other and running …. playing.

It is funny that whenever we were on the sofa or in bed …. that Alvin would make sure that he got as close to me as he could ….. you could not place a hair between us ….

It was a great weekend for me.

I had coffee with my good friend G, had walks with Alvin, raked the back yard, did some laundry, did some cleaning and spent time with my Elton and Penny  and of course, Alvin.

I am grateful to have had the weekend at home …. the whole weekend… outside job to go to….. it was great.

It was funny ….. after Elton and Penny had gone home yesterday morning …. my friend was already here for coffee …. when Al decided that he wanted up onto my lap…..he usually only does this when I do my morning writing before breakfast ….

So I picked him up and he looked around and then snuggled onto my lap…. I guess he no longer wished to share his Momma or at least that is what I felt he was thinking.

Well here it is almost time to leave for work …. Monday.

I hope that each and every one of you have the best day ever.

Special Hello to:  every pet owner …..


Always, Carol and me Alvin.



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