Living … One day at a time

Good Morning and HELLO Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

I was reminded this morning as I glanced over my beautifully made BULLETIN BOARDS that line the wall above my computer ….


Each line, each sentence alone is a strong statement but when all together they are so POWERFUL.

I belonged to The Downtowners Optimist Club once upon a time.

We repeated this creed at every meeting.

It reminded me of how I truly wanted to live my life had I sat down and put it to paper.

Today, again after I struggle with patience and what not, I saw those words staring back at me.

So I said the words that mean so much to me.

I will repeat them every day.

I want to live my life in service to myself and to others.

You cannot have one without the other.

So I hereby Promise myself ….


In the light of living a life proper …. Alvin and I enjoyed our walk with Teddy and his Aunt J.

We walked over to their house or actually Mr. Alvin pulled me over there.

Anyone driving by us would have smiled or giggled for sure as they watched this medium black & white doggie pulling me like a sled dog as I tried to stay on the end of the leash.

The snow was crunching and flying about.

We walked our regular walk but the boys were getting cold.

Aunt J picked up Teddy and carried him part of the way back home.

But he is light and easy to carry but Mr. Alvin not so much.

I did stop and rub his paws with my mitts in an effort to warm them.

We did not waste any time going home either.

I did feel as though I had a work out …..


Well time to leave for work.

I hope that you have an awesome day.

You are special and a great person.

Go easy on yourself.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Keep warm, Keep safe.

Until tomorrow.



Always, Carol & Alvin


Sometimes cuteness needs to be shared.

My little old fart, me Alvin.

Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 4th day of January, 2018.

Our weather for the New Year has been wonderful.

So grateful for these warmer temperatures.

Alvin and I went for our walk after work last night.

We were not quite at the half way point and he started to turn around for home, I coaxed him once again to keep going.

We only made the half way point and there was no changing his mind.

He made a run for home and I had no choice but to “run.”

If you called that running.

He was pulling and running (thankfully he wears a torso harness and not around the neck) for home.

I was so grateful that it was not icy.

Or it could have been a real show.

At some point I was able to get him to slow down.

What a guy!

He does not seem to be in pain or anything but when he wants to go home, he wants to go.

Maybe he can sense something.

Maybe he does not like the dark.

Thank goodness each night stays light a bit longer.

Anyway made for an interesting walk.

Oh, my boy.

What a character.

When we arrived home and removed “our” outerwear – he ran like a crazy guy from one end of the house to the other.

He keeps me entertained.


Well here we go once again, time to leave for work.

Special Hello to: all my fellow bloggers.

Always, Carol & Alvin



Thought for the day……

Something that I learned today ……  I went out for a bit this morning with my neighbour and two of her three children.  Alvin as always, upon my return, is happy to see me for about 20 seconds, LOL   before he starts biting at my toes and pulling on my pant legs (not bad if you have pants on) LOL but …..   After we had lunch we came upstairs (yes, he had to have his carrots, broccoli and cauliflower) to check my email.  As I was trying to put away a couple of things he continued to try and bite at my feet and pull on my pant legs.  When I sat down at the computer,  Alvin went into my bedroom and jumped up onto the bed (I thought that I heard his thud) and grabbed the stuffed FROG that I have sitting on my bed and started to make his getaway, but Mom was faster.  I grabbed the frog.  Put it back onto the bed.  As he was tugging on my pant leg, I took his face in my hand (gently, of course) and looked him right in the eyes and said in a stern voice, “enough, Alvin, no biting” and lo and behold, he stopped and went and laid on the office floor.  Sure hope this works the next time.  Or maybe that will be the last time that he grabs my pants or my feet.  One can only hope….. ….  🙂

So in case you haven’t figured out “what the thought for the day” is, it is this:  always look someone in the eyes when you are trying to get a point across or just telling them that you love them.  They will take you definitely take you seriously.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol

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