Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, the 22nd day of August, 2014.

YAY, in just a little while my sister and one of my brothers will be here.

We will have coffee and then hit the road to visit our other brother.

I am so excited I can barely type these words.

I got up reasonably early but still I am running out of time.

I want the house to be perfect.

I want to pack just the right things to wear.

But what do I wear?

Never know the weather.

Never know what to do.

Anyway the bag is packed and it will have to do.

It always works but still I panic ….

I did manage to walk the puppies this morning.

Do a few things besides get ready.

Well I have to sign off until when I get home on Sunday.

I hope that you all have a glorious weekend, as I shall.

Take care and I will be back on Sunday.

Thank you …..

Whew ….. excitement ….. adrenaline pumping …..


I am going.

Special Hello to: my siblings …. you rock…

Always, Carol and Alvin

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