Alvin, Elton and Miss Penny

Today is rather an extra special day for me and Alvin.

Elton and Penny have come to visit and spend the night.

Alvin at Home

Note:  I am going to upload/download photos and video that I just snapped this morning and add to this post a bit later.

Just realized that I do not have recent photos of  Elton and Penny (other than at Christmas).

Penny & Elton looking at their Mom (she just came for them)

Due to “weather conditions” this morning, I walked over to bring the puppies here as their parents had to catch the bus to work.

Alvin was so excited when we got back home.  Once Penny had her pretty pink sweater off, Elton has his smart blue jacket and the joint leash off ……. Penny & Alvin were gone.

They raced from one end of the house to the other.  Floor matts and rugs went flying in the wake of these two puppies.

While Alvin and Penny were racing around – Elton was just happy to take a load off, and lay down on the sofa.

I pulled Alvin’s (stuffed toy) Wally Gator out of his toy & bone box and grabbed the camera.

Quickly changing the setting to take a video of these two as they tugged Wally Gator this way, and that way.  I think at times Penny just wanted to be left alone, as she laid down under the kitchen table.

But then Alvin would have her up and they would run from the back door to the front door.  The two of them together always brings a smile to my face, and joy to my heart.  They are so funny.

Well at this moment it is very quiet – so it makes me think that perhaps I should go and check on my doggies.  Elton, I trust but the other two.  You never know.  Penny teaches Alvin things, and

Alvin teaches Penny some things.  All of which, they should keep to themselves.  LOL.

Surprise, the two youngsters are back in the hallway.  Penny was / is laying down, and Alvin is trying to get her to play.  He loves to nibble at her ears.

Whoops Alvin just had an “urge” if you know what I mean ….. poor little Penny.  She is panting like she just ran The New York Marathon.

Well, as you can tell we are having fun.  Puppies/dogs/pets are just like children.  These guys are like siblings.  They play good for awhile, and then it is obvious that they “get on each other’s nerves” but in the meantime,

I am having the time of my life.  Penny is hiding under the computer desk by my feet and Alvin is lying on his belly at the door way / okay he was lying on his belly in the doorway. LOL

I am most grateful to have them all in my life.  I am grateful that I live nearby, and can see them whenever I like.  I am grateful for the laughter and love that they bring to me.

Sir Elton

Thank you Alvin, Penny and Elton.

Miss Penny

Have the best weekend everyone…..

Always, Carol


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