Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 10th day of June, 2018.

The sky is filled with rain clouds, the trees are swaying in the wind and the sun is desperately trying to peer through the darkness.

It has been raining for a few hours and the pavement is wet, the grass is happily smiling a rich green, the trees are singing for the rain as they are moving about in the wind.

I can hear the rain drops coming down to the ground.

We needed the rain, the moisture, that balance.


Last night as the dark clouds filled the sky and the odd rain drop began to fall; I decided to move my flower pots into the protection of the house.

I could not have every pot in total cover and not that I wanted to as they need that glorious nectar that falls from the sky.

So they still receive the moisture but are protected in the event of hail and strong winds.

I noticed that some of the flower petals had fallen off and were covering the soil inside the pots.

What can you do?


We are going to visit a friend later this morning rain or shine.

So hopefully it is not pouring although I can carry my large umbrella and Alvin can walk close beside me.

He really needs a summer rain jacket.

He has one but it does not really fit him anymore.

At least it is not cold outside and we can always dry off later.


What are you doing today?

Is it raining where you are?

What do you do on a raining day?

Stay inside?

Go for a walk?

Read a book?

Write a book?

Watch a movie?

Eat popcorn?

Go shopping?

Do housework?

Hobby/craft time?

Go through closets?


I hope that wherever you are that you are enjoying this day.

Perhaps it is a work day for you or perhaps a day of leisure.

No matter what … enjoy.

Take in the sights and sounds around you.

Hold them close.

Appreciate them for what they are ….

Happy Sunday.


Special Hello to: my sister …. who is one of the best joke tellers I know.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought the day……

Good Morning and Happy July 4th, 2012 to our neighbours to the south ….. today is Wednesday.

I am getting over some kind of “bug” …..

Yesterday was a cloudy, rainy, windy kind of day.

So with not feeling well I spent the day curled up on the sofa with Alvin.

Poor little guy sure did not like going outside in the rain.

It was pouring most of the day so he had to make a mad dash to go out to the bathroom.

The clouds are still dark and it is very windy.

However, the clouds seem to be on the move ….. perhaps on their way to Saskatchewan.

I heard on the weather channel that is is supposed to be 27 here on Friday and increasing to 30 by Sunday, Monday.

I hope that wherever you are that you are feeling great and enjoying the weather ….. whether rain or shine.

We did need the rain so this is a good thing.

Have a great day.

Special Hello to: my family and friends back in Regina …. I hope that life is treating you grand.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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