Thought for the day……

There are days in everyone’s lives when we forget to listen.

We forget to be silent.  We forget to love.

But I think that the most important things that we often forget or do not realize are:


So remember this Friday the 27th of May, 2011:

You are deserving.

You are worthy.

Listen, be silent and fill your world with love.

Have the best Friday of your life.

Always, Carol

P.S. to my dear friend Lea who moved to Quebec back in April.  We miss the love and laughter you brought to our lives.  Have the best day my little friend.

You are simply the best.  Alvin and I send our love to you……

Thought for the day……

Everyday visualize all of your dreams coming true, yes all of your dreams.

Even the wild crazy ones.

Live each day like it is your dream come true.

Be happy in every moment.

Remember dreams do come true.

They did for me……….  I love my life.  Remember to love yours.

Try Something NEW !!!

Sometimes, I am a bit hesitant to try new things.  But not in the kitchen.  I love mixing and blending and making something new. My daughter planned to come for supper, and watch “Survivor”.  We are total Survivor nuts.  I have only missed two episodes in the 20 seasons that it has been on the air.  I decided to make lasagne for the main course, and a cake from scratch for dessert.  I couldn’t find the lasagne recipe that I used to use (incidentally it has been years since I made lasagne).  So decided to check the internet.  Too many choices.  Overwhelming.  So I pulled out my cookbooks.  Do you use your cookbooks?  I found one that was given to me by a girl friend back in Regina (thanks Barb).  It became the base for my recipe.  I decided to make a new one, recipe that is….  There was some good information on the lasagne noodle box as well.  So I had an excellent base.  Anyway, it was a BIG hit.  My daughter loved it.  I sent some home for lunches tomorrow, and another meal.  Now just to write it all down.  I am notorious for coming up with new recipes, and not writing them down.  Because we all know (from past experience) that we will not remember come the next time !!!

Dessert was this BANANA CHOCOLATE CHUNK CAKE …… took a recipe and made it my own.  Not your typical low cal dessert but another hit.  YUMMY.

So I promise to write these recipes down so that you can try them.  I promise your family will love them.

Always remember to try something new.  New recipe.  New walking path.  New coffee blend.  Just something new.

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