Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to the first day of October, 2013.


Since my brother and sister were here for a visit on the 19th of September there has been a rogue fly buzzing around our house.

Both Alvin and I have tried to capture it but to no avail.

Now Alvin has a different approach than me.

It has been so funny to watch him in action.

He can spot the fly anywhere.

Whenever it is in close proximity to his station he leaps into action.

I mean literally into action.

He can jump several feet into the air.

In fact, I so wished that I could foresee this so that I could take a quick video.

But most times I miss the whole scene only to hear the snapping close of Alvin’s jaws.

It has been several days in fact over one week since this “rogue” fly has entered our domain.

It seems to disappear for hours on end, and then appear at the most inopportune times.

But for the fly it is most likely “perfect timing.”

I only wished for it to leave our home.

I mean it no harm unfortunately I cannot speak for Mr. Alvin ……

But I wished it would join his “fly family” outdoors.

So this story does not have an ending as yet but hopefully soon.

I must practice my “shoo fly” routine but have to be careful holding the door open.

Some of his family might get ideas and come for a visit.

That would not be good.


Special Hello to vistors …… may you always know when it is time to leave ….

Always, Carol and Alvin

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