The Next Chapter

Good Morning! Did someone play an April Fool’s joke on you yesterday? Not on me, as I was by myself. I had a very productive Saturday. I took everything stitch of clothing out of my closet and placed on my bed. Two bags, one for good will and the other for garbage were nearby. I went through each and every item and made a decision based on whether it was in good repair (you know how you hold onto something old even though it has sweat stains and small holes etc.), age of item, quality of item and whether or not it actually fit me and whether I have wore it recently. I even tried on a few items to see if they fit. Sometimes clothing is given to you and you accept it without really taking the time to understand if it is really something you will wear. With respect to items being given to me, some of my most favourite items were given to me and I still have a great many items that were hand me downs. I had a lot of items that were given to me that I plum wore out. They had a good life. Anyway, I filled the garbage bag full of items and the one to charity as well. Two whole bags full of things that I will not and have not been wearing. Surprisingly enough my closet does not look empty. At the same time that I was doing my closet – I went through the spare room closet as I keep items in there as well. I used to separate winter from summer but no longer. Also, I went through my dresser and reorganized and a few items did not return to the drawers. I would say that it was very successful. I have a question do you have anything in your closet that you keep for “sentimental reasons?” I have a few items. One is a jumpsuit from the late 60’s that belonged to my Grandmother, a Saskatchewan Roughrider jersey and a top that one of my client’s made me when she moved away from Edmonton. An eclectic group for sure.

The hall closet by the front door did not go unscathed. I cleaned it out and took the remainder of my winter outerwear down to the cupboard in the laundry/furnace room. In the cupboard downstairs I came across a bag of items. There was a sheer pink dress that I wore to my youngest brother’s high school graduation (1980’s), the dress and bolero jacket that my grandmother wore to my wedding (1977), a dress and tops that belonged to my grandmother from the 50’s, the dress I wore to the first family photos taken when my daughter was a baby. In the bag was a beautiful pink satin bridesmaid dress that I had used for a Halloween costume several years ago and the pink half slip & camisole that I wore under the sheer pink dress. The elastic in the slip had disintegrated, so I threw out the bridesmaid dress and the slip and camisole. I could not believe the sizes of the dresses. My grandmother’s clothing appeared to be something a child would wear (size wise) and my old clothing – well safe to say that I would never fit in any of the items again. I had a fun few minutes reminiscing about each items. The items that I kept were tossed into the laundry for a wash. I figured if they came out okay, I would keep them. They are all hanging on the clothing racks in the basement. Airing out that last bit of “chemical” smell. I will keep them in a closet instead of packed away. Honestly keeping clothing packed away is not a good idea. Reminds me of the smell from a second hand store or thrift store. Most of the clothing that people bring in are placed in garbage bags. Why in this day and age, can we not invent something that does not have that chemical smell. It ruins so much. You cannot always get rid of it either. That smell also accompanies clothing when you order on-line as well, the packaging. All plastic. We need to do better. So all of my clothing closets are all cleaned out. The one in the basement has my winter items and I left the door on it open a bit to keep air circulating. While in the basement, I put away some gifts bags and tissue paper that I had left sitting out in the “family room.” The laundry left over from Friday night was also finished. I did some other cleaning as well. Rearranged the living room other than the furniture. I made a special tribute to Alvin on the fire place mantle. The living room is filled with cards, his toys, blankets, his memory items, pictures and his Urn. We spent a lot of time in the living room, on the main floor. The kitchen and living room are all one large room with a half wall separating them. I was thinking that I have not slept on the sofa since Alvin passed. It was many years since I spent a whole night in my bed. Feels strange. Still. Yesterday was an emotional day for many years but very productive. I also hauled a bunch of things from the basement to the garage for disposable. The Electrolux vacuum that I had for many many years and that would no longer start with all of the attachments found a new temporary home in the garage. Perhaps someone will be able to fix it? I see garage sale and social media buy and sell in my future. After I finished everything, I put on my running shoes and jacket and headed out for a walk. I walked for about 40 minutes and on the way home found my neighbours Norbert & Irene outside in their garage. Irene was cleaning the van and Norbert was working on his lawn mower. So I stopped to say hello and we had a nice visit before I returned home. With no oven, I decided to just order pizza. So disappointed as the pizza place that I have been ordering from for a long time – well the pizza is not as good as it once was. The crust has more than doubled in size and the topping is so much less. Who wants to eat a bunch of bread for supper? It is very expensive and used to be worth the money. I really like the young many who usually delivers it but that is not a good reason to order pizza. Or maybe it is. He is the one who remembered Alvin by name and always was happy to see him. I noticed that his front bumper was damaged so I asked him. Apparently a moose hit him. Yup a moose. The moose was okay. Actually just at the end of the newer development by the acreages that surround the south part of this area. Insurance did not cover the damage but he says it was worse and he is waiting for a part to finish the repair. Such a nice young man. I am sorry about the pizza. I should have called the pizza place and let them know that I was disappointed in the quality. But I did not so that is on me. Unfortunately they have lost a good customer.

Looks like I have written a book. How can cleaning out closets and ordering pizza be so wordy? Time to head downstairs and make some coffee. I am going to finish my income tax today. That is a priority. I am close so want it to be done.

The sky is overcast and they forecast snow overnight (did not happen) and this morning. Yesterday was so beautiful out. People were out in flip flops and shorts. I think might have been a tad bit early but that is just me.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin (My forever Angel)

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 22nd day of May, 2017.

The sky is partially overcast but it remains somewhat sunny.

I do not think there was rain the forecast but then again I have not check the past couple of days.

We have had a mixed weekend with emotions running from happy to extremely sad.

I was pleased to get some big jobs done over the weekend and to attend a barbecue late yesterday afternoon at one of my friend & neighbour’s.

Yesterday earlier in the afternoon there was an unexpected knock at the door.

Both Alvin and I went to the door to find our friend and neighbour “S” from down the street.

She was clearly upset ….. tear stained eyes.

She wanted to tell me that the afternoon before being Saturday about 3:00 p.m. – their beloved Lola was killed by an unleashed dog – a Pit Bull.

I felt as though someone had punched me at the knees.

Lola was a five year old Chihuahua.

My friend had been out walking at the park where we always walk.

We always obey the rules and have our pups on leashes.

It is seconds near their home and we pass by their house at the outer rim of the park.

She had been walking with their 12 year old son and their two doggies Lola and Presley.

Presley received serious injuries and under went surgery that day.

He was doing okay and was resting at home.

Not comfortably as she said he was clearly traumatized by this event.

Not to imagine what their son is going through.

The owner of the Pit Bull did not even realize until my friend began to scream that anything was wrong.

He had been playing ball with friends and was clearly not paying attention to his dog.

Our park is a family park and is NOT an off leash park.

I will say I am a little concerned about walking there now.

I will stay on the sidewalks and not walk around the lakes on the grass.

I will always take something in my hand that I could throw …. Alvin’s water bottle.

My heart goes out to this family …… Lola was their baby girl and now she is gone.


I do not know why some people feel like they can disobey the rules.

They are there for a reason.

We do not even know if he lives in the neighbourhood.


My thoughts and prayers are with the family on this day and all the days to follow.

Our four-legged babies are our family.

When they leave us it feels the same as losing a two-legged family member.

They are just as important.


So I will be on guard on our walks and pay close attention.

I usually do but now there will be no drifting off or zoning out for even a second.


Please make sure that if you have a large dog and most especially a Pit Bull that you have him or her leashed when in a public place.

They may be the most gentle animal that you have ever known but one split second can change the lives of a family of a neighbourhood.

Please think twice.

Be good citizens.

Be compassionate and responsible.


Okay time to go on our walk.

Have a great day.

Today is a holiday in Canada – Victoria Day ( for long since past Queen Victoria of England ).


Special Hello to: all those folks who lost their four-legged babies … my heart goes out to you all.

Always, Carol & Alvin.




Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 24th day of March, 2017.

YAY, it is Friday.

I have often been thinking as of late that somehow the weekdays seem to evaporate as quickly as the weekends.


Mr. Alvin was just standing in the doorway to the office and starring at me and “doing that quick little whining thing that he does.”

He does that when he is nervous about something.

Whining isn’t quite what the sound is … more of a nervous bit of a noise.

Anyway he has this thing for the laminate flooring that is all over my house except for the stairs and landing.

For some reason during the past year or so he fidgets and fusses when he has to cross the floor.

Or at least when he stops to think about it.

Anyway I coaxed him to come in and now he is sitting under my computer desk on the bit of rug for the chair.

He most days sits outside the office while I write my blog.

Today he wants to be near me.

Oh, me Alvin.

Gotta love my boy.


Well our weather has been warming up …. single digits on the plus side.

Most of the snow and ice has melted.

I have been debating all night and morning thus far about whether to wear boots or shoes.

I have decided to wear my winter boots today.

Either would work.

So happy that the sidewalks are almost clear.


Another thing likely on my TO DO LIST this weekend is picking up the trash on the walkway that I take coming home from work and also the rest of the neighbourhood.

This year seems worse than last.

So many pieces of cardboard, disposable cups from nearby fast food restaurants and coffee shops ( I will not name them at this time ).

Not the business fault.

If people would start by securing their recycling at garbage time, that would help immensely.

Also STOP throwing their empty coffee and cold drink cups on the ground when they are finished with them.

Such a pity.

Beautiful neighbourhood littered with CRAP.

Does make me mad.

Oh well, it is great exercise for me although it is an hour or so away from me Alvin, which makes me sad.

People do not think of that of course ….. silly people.


Time to fly …. gotta get on my BOOTS not shoes and coat and head to the bus stop.

Have an awesome Friday.

Please ensure that you are placing your trash in the appropriate garbage container.

Thank you.


Special Hello to: YOU …. Happy Friday.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 12th day of September, 2016.

Dark outside but not raining.

That is a good sign these days.

We have had a wet summer and appears to be the same going into fall.

Rain is good but we would really like/need some sunshine.


Do you ever sit or lay in bed and wonder what other people are doing at this very moment all over the world.

Are they getting ready for work?

Are they writing a blog and wondering if people are reading their words?

Are they sleeping?

Are they sick and wondering if today will be there last day on this earth?

Are they happy?

Are they mad?

Are they jealous?

Are they bad?

What are people thinking and doing?

It boggles the mind.

Truly …..

Are they suffering?

Are they glad?

What are they thinking and where are they going?

Food for thought?

I wonder if someone else on the other side of the earth has these same thoughts?


Have an awesome Monday.

Special Hello to: my sister ….. yes SKYPE soon.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 22nd day of April, 2016.

The sky is overcast and it is windy outside.

The forecast is for a mix of “snow” and rain for today with temperatures of 12 degrees celsius.

Mother Nature ……


Today I am feeling kind of like the weather.

Our family as are others is undergoing some sad times …..

Although the word “sad” does not really name what our hearts are feeling at this time it is the only word that I can muster.

Sleep is disruptive with dreams that fail to give meaning.

Work keeps me distracted.

Hitting the sofa this morning much the same as hitting the snooze button has made me late.

So this will be short.


When someone we love and cherish suffers, we suffer, too.

I / We are trying to keep our hearts full of the joy and happiness that we are rewarded with our loved ones lives but it is difficult.


I am trying to say that keep your loved ones close.

Remember to tell them and show them how much they mean to you.


Special Hello to: all those folks who are in the midst of family sorrow …. my heart is with you.

Always, Carol and Alvin.


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