Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 4th day of July, 2015.

First off ….. Happy 4th of July to our neighbours to the south in the United States.

I hope that you have an awesome celebration, be safe and have fun.

Thank you for being great neighbours.

It is cool this morning in Edmonton or cooler than the past few days.

A very welcome change ……

The breeze is bringing in “smoke” from some place, and at times it blocks the sun.

Smoke in the air just means that somewhere there are raging forest fires.

Our beautiful trees ….. some of our amazing forests on fire.

It is not just the trees that we lose it is the insects, birds and animal life of the forest.

Very very tragic and not replaceable.

Most forest fires are preventable.

It is just after 9:00 a.m. and actually quiet.

People are just beginning to wake up and go about their day.

I can hear the humming of vehicles travelling down the highway just a few blocks away but not in sight from my house.

Just heard a squeal from one of the many children in our neighbourhood.

Love the sound of children ….. laughing and having fun.

Now they are chattering away.

One of my neighbours is building a garage ….. soon we will hear the sound of hammering and sawing and such.

I love having the windows open upstairs on a cool morning as the coolness fills the rooms.

Today is a great day.

I have been looking forward to all week long.

My daughter is coming to pick up me and Alvin.

We are going to their house.

We girls are also going out to check out some antique shops, and whatever else we find.

Just an afternoon of adventures.

Road trip …..

I love just seeing what we can find.

Alvin will visit with my son-in-law and the puppies.

I know he misses them.

Well time to go and get this show on the road.

I hope that wherever you are … you are having the time of your life.

Enjoy each moment ….

Live your life …..

Be aware …..

Laugh …..

Have fun …..

Special Hello to: my sister and brothers who I think of each and every day.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 2nd day of May, 2015.

What a strange morning it has been weather wise.

When Alvin and I first got up at 5:30 – the sky was overcast, I could see rain clouds lining up.

Then we hit the sofa for some extra zzz’s and got up just after 8:00 to find bright sunshine.

Now it is just a few minutes after 9:00 and the sky is beginning to fill with clouds.

So I must get this show on the road as my plan was to go and vote in the advance polls for our provincial election followed by a little trip to the grocery store.

Oh and it is windy.

We sure seem to have been experiencing more wind the past weeks.

Not sure what is going on there or maybe it is just this gal’s memory playing tricks.

As I sip on a hot cup of coffee or rather a warm cup of coffee as you see I turned off the heat figuring not necessary and it is rather cool in the house.

But we are tough, and it is in the low 60’s (F) in the house so really that is not cold.

After all, Mr. Alvin is wearing his coat and I can always don a sweater to help.

So another busy Saturday and oh how I am loving having Saturdays at home.

Cleaning …… extra walks with Alvin …… doing whatever I chose and whatever needs to be done.

I miss my friends at the store but love having my time at home.

My thoughts are of them and also of the people of Nepal.

One of my co-workers from the office is from Nepal and just so happens she is visiting her family.

They are safe.

I keep them safe in my thoughts.

So on this Saturday think of how lucky we are and if you can lend a helping hand ….

Some people can go to Nepal and help but most of us can only send money or much needed items.

We should always do what we can to help others.

It does not matter where they live whether next door or across the ocean …. we are here to help each other.

I hope that you all have an awesome Saturday.

Stay warm, keep safe and treat the world with kindness and respect.

Special Hello to: my friend in Nepal and to her family …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 7th day of April, 2015.

Well it is just after 6:30 a.m. and the sky is beginning to lighten.

Always a great sign.

I hear it is to be plus 17 c by the weekend, here in Edmonton.

I hope that you had an awesome weekend.

I had a spectacular one.

Yesterday I had brunch with my good friend “G” …. we went to CORA’s.

There was a line but it went really fast which was great.

The service was excellent, the coffee was perfect and the food was awesome.

Really was perfect.

After brunch I came home and spent some quiet time with the pups.

It was nice …. just curled up on the sofa and relaxed.

OMG, so happy.

We girls took the puppies for a wonderful walk all around our lake in the afternoon.

Getting used to sleeping in and this morning came quickly.

I guess it is true that we should go to bed and arise at the same time each day.

Keeps our internal clocks ticking in an orderly fashion.

Now mine is out of sorts.

Oh well.

I did enjoy the rest.

Well almost time to go to the office.

Time to also take the garbage out as today came early.

Have an awesome Tuesday.

Special Hello to: all those folks who are on vacation … enjoy ….. have fun and be safe.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 6th day of March, 2014.

Snowed overnight and is snowing now.

It has been an interesting morning here in our household.

We were having a somewhat normal morning …. I was sitting at the kitchen table writing in my gratitude journal …. WHEN….

Something went flying across the floor to the living room with Alvin in hot pursuit.

Totally took me off guard and I “almost” screamed …… I went up in my “upright fetal position” ……

Alvin stood in his “hunter stance” at the end of our sofa.

OH great, I had felt relatively safe in the living room even though I knew the “mouse” was in the kitchen.

We have been trying to catch this creature since last Wednesday.

He has been tricking us by eating the peanut butter in the traps, pooping and going to the next one.

So they do not work.

Last night we stopped and picked up more traps and the “ultra sonic” sensor plug-in thing ….

Perhaps this is what is making it brave …… to run across the floor with all of the lights on with both of us here.

So now I have a dilemma ….. not much time before I have to run and catch the bus.

I guess I will be brave and set one of the new traps we picked up last night ….. in the kitchen of course ….. or maybe I will set it in at the end of the sofa …. although with us upstairs it is likely not there.

I even held open the front door with hopes that it might run out ( I had Alvin sit on the upstairs steps).

So exciting my life.

Well I had better go,

Round …. I don’t know …… feels like 147 ……

Me- 0   Mouse-6

This has been perhaps the worse eight days of my life ….. just saying.

All I can say “please stay inside the little box” …….

Special Hello to: all those folks with advice on how to catch an unwanted visitor.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 11th day of November, 2013.

Two important things this morning.

Happy Birthday to a special nephew of mine ” T ” … such a great young man.

We are not blood related but he feels like family.

I have known him since he was in his Momma’s womb and I have loved him since the first time I laid eyes on him.

We always shared this special connection.

We would go for coffee together on prearranged days when I lived in Regina.

Now that I have moved he calls me on a regular basis.

I want to wish him the best BIRTHDAY ever.

Happy Birthday my boy.


The other important thing is “Remembrance Day” ….

I think it is important to remember those from the past who gave their lives to keep us safe.

I think it is important to acknowledge those souls who keep the peace today.

I think it is important to relish peace and remember that not everyone on this planet has that luxury – that way of life.

I think it is important to work on peace.

I think it is important to live your life in peace.

I think it is important to always remember.


Special Hello to: every peacekeeper whether in uniform or not…

Always, Carol and Alvin


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