Thought for the day……

Happy Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

I remember when I was a little girl…..

When it was November, I got so excited because I knew that it was close to Christmas.

Christmas was, and has always been a special time of the year for me.

I have changed my usual routine and am putting up my Christmas tree on the weekend (Saturday) …..

I am very excited to start decorating.

Sometimes it is good to change things up a bit.

The last three years of my life have seen major changes …..

Guess the ten or so before that … I had been playing it relatively “safe” ….. things remained basically the same.

That is not to say … that I had not seen change in my life.  Just was small in comparison to that of recent.

All I am saying is ….. change can always be seen as GOOD …… it is good to step outside your comfort zone ….. drop your safety net ….. your “blankie” ….

For those willing to take a risk and make some changes no matter the size ….. I say “way to go” ….

All those still wanting to keep things unchanged … that is okay, too.

Sometimes it is just a matter of “baby steps” ……

Add cream to your coffee…

Go for a walk to a different neighbourhood than your own….

Have an awesome day everyone.

Special Hello to:  Jeannette, Janice, Joan, Jim, Janine, and all those folks that names begin with the letter “J” ……

Always, Carol

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