Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 23rd day of March, 2014.

Well it is has been an interesting, fun, semi-tense, amazing, bit stressful weekend.

I will say it is ending on a great note.

Starting with the finally ending “saga” of the mouse in my house.

As you know this past Friday, Mr Alvin sniffed out another little creature.

My nephew helped (no, he put them out) put out traps.

I worked Friday night at the store so my daughter and son-in-law swung my our house to get Alvin for his usual Friday night sleep-over and checked the traps.

They were empty.

So when I got home from work that night I was not brave enough to check them so I just went upstairs to bed.

When I got up in the morning I stalled as long as possible before going downstairs.

By the way yesterday was our first Trade Show with our Dear Stella Jewellery.

It was at a small community centre and although we did not have near the traffic coming through we made some amazing friends, learned about new products, took some custom orders and did come out ahead.

The best part of the whole day was that I got to spend it all with my daughter.  Love her.

Back to the SAGA.

So I reluctantly checked the traps in the main floor bathroom but did not have the courage to check the basement ones.

You see I have to place them where Mr. Alvin cannot get at them.

Nothing in the bathroom …. so very great care and incredible nervousness I managed to have breakfast and get things ready for the Trade Show.

When my daughter came she checked the downstairs and nothing.

So we went on our way.

When we got back later yesterday afternoon the traps in the bathroom were empty but alas one of the two in the basement was not.

Usually my daughter is more brave than me but she could not muster up the courage to pick it up so I got my garbage picker up thing and some paper towel.

Covered the little thing and very gingerly picked it up and placed it in a small box and then into a garbage bag and disposed of it.



Still checking for entry point but hoping it is over.

Perhaps now I can feel like I am once again in my house.

Thank goodness for Alvin and my kids.

So time to go downstairs ….. another day.

I hope that you have a great Sunday.

Oh, coffee time…..

Take care all.

Special Hello to: all those folks who are afraid of something …. sometimes you just have to bit the bullet and draw on your inner strength and do it.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 21st day of March, 2014.

And the SAGA continues at my house ……

Mr. Alvin has been sniffing around usually in the morning before I leave for work.

He sniffs by the stove and then the fridge…..

Yesterday morning he did his “hunter stance” and I should have clued in ….

But my inner voice kept saying “they are all gone.”

WELL my inner voice was “DEAD WRONG” ……

About one hour ago when we were first up ….. fed Mr. Alvin and he went out to to do morning ritual and then back into the house.

In the meantime I was sitting at the kitchen table writing in my “gratitude/daily journal” ….

With Mr. Alvin sniffing around by the sofa …. all of a sudden a FLASH and this little thing flew (almost) into the kitchen and under the dishwasher.

My nephew is here and that is keeping Alvin partially occupied so he is staying upstairs for the moment.

I did scream when I saw it ….. they always take me by surprise.

I truly thought that after a whole week they were gone.

I guess I should have baited all the traps and left them out.

Lesson learned.

Well with my courage getting ready and the rest of my courage sitting on guard at the top of the stairs waiting (thank goodness) for me …. I will go back downstairs.

I wished with all of my heart and soul that they would just stay outside.

I cannot find where they are coming in …..

Not sure what to do.


Special Hello: to all those who are going through this ….

Always, Carol and Alvin



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