The thought for the day……

Wow, Friday again.

How did that happen?

I was sure that when I went to bed it was Tuesday night ….. ┬áLOL

I know that the seconds/minutes/hours/days pass at the same rate all of the time.

But honestly I am sure that you will agree …… it seems as though, as you get older they seem to zip by.

I wished that I could feel that I had all the time in the world.

Maybe if we looked at it from our point of view …. feeling wise and not from the time standpoint.

I am sure of one thing ….. there are 24 hours in one day …… mmmmm

Oh well, we are lucky to have those days …. each day, in fact.

So have a great, wonderful, awesome, amazing FRIDAY.

Smile at your friends, co-workers, family, your dog or cat or fish, at yourself in the mirror and ENJOY THE DAY.

All 24 hours of it.

Special Hello to:  Diana, Danielle, Lea, Alvin (whoops he is lying down on the ottoman beside me, LOL), Man in the Moon, Sonja and Les N.

Always, Carol

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