Thought for the day…..

Good Morning Everyone,

What a wonderful day.  We (me and Alvin) were up early …. wrote in my journal, walked with Alvin down by the lake, cut the front lawn, raked it and watered it (forecast was for rain but not sure if it will happen), watered shrubs and grass in the back as well as cut the grass, baked a pineapple cake and am on my way to give Sir Alvin a bath.  Once that is done, I have some computer work to do and prepare our jewelry for the upcoming open house on June 11th.  Busy day.

It always feels great to accomplish several jobs early in the day ……

I hope that you are getting to your TO DO list and feel that great sense of pride and satisfaction of a job well done.

Have the best day everyone.

Happy Wednesday.

May your day be filled with riches beyond belief.

You are worthy and deserving…

Always, Carol

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