It is a NEW YEAR.

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 1st day of a new month, April.

Usually people would be playing pranks on one another this morning but alas I don’t think it is likely appropriate this April 1st.

The sky is almost white this morning with a tinge of the palest of blues.

I am hopeful that the sunrise will be visible shortly.

Yesterday afternoon the SUN was so bright against the deep plush blanket of snow it was almost blinding from inside the house.

At one point I was thinking I should put on my sunglass clips but then I was not in the living for long and in my office it was not too bad.

Working from home as been interesting.

Today is our 10th day, I believe.

I do love being here with Alvin, going for walks at lunchtime when we can and the commute.

Nothing beats the commute.


Other than retirement and then there would be no commute, period.  OVER and OUT.

But that is not where I am at this time so a short commute is wonderful.

It is nice dressing how you feel.

Somedays I feel like dressing as though I am going to the office and others it feels more casual.

I have not as yet wore my pajamas or gone without wearing a bra.

But we are just beginning in this new norm.

I have a feeling that it will be extended for us past April 30, 2020.

I have not been watching the news to see how many cases or if the virus has grown substantially in Canada.

I feel that I am doing my part.

Staying home and reducing the chance of catching the virus.

My friends drop things off at the door and when we visit it is in short spurts at the door and I am six feet away.

No hugs even though we really want to.

I wash my hands.

Importantly I get lots of rest, try to remain calm, get some exercise and eat right and keep hydrated.

Speaking of hydrating (kidding), I smell the coffee perking away.

Let me tell you there is nothing short of wild roses lining the path to the park or lilacs blooming or the scent of a little baby that matches the smell of coffee brewing.

I guess the secret is out.


Wild roses


Scent of a baby


Perhaps after a rain ……

What are you favourite scents?

Maybe you could send me your list.

I am excited to see what everyone likes or loves.


Mr. Alvin ….

Even though he has my schedule for starting and ending work and breaks down to the minute, I think he is out of sorts.

I think that he has some pain in his paws due to arthritis.

It was/is a matter of time.

I will continue with his daily regimen of glucosamine.

I do know that when the weather changes, I can see a difference.

This is not news to his Doctor.

Don’t worry I keep her aprized.


How about some miscellaneous photos.

I love photos.

Let me see what do I have handy.


Oh my darling grand pup MILO closest to the camera and little KOBI in the background.

MILO and Miss ASPEN.

Love my grand pups.

I love the way the tree looks after a snowfall.

Branches gently cradling the snow.

Last year’s birthday …. the most delicious cupcakes.

With Key Lime Icing

Geese near the park by my house, last year or year before.

Time passes so quickly …..

Flowers from my friend’s garden.

I cannot wait to see her garden this summer.

Our friend next door, HUMPHREY.

Thankfully he does not have to wear the CONE often anymore.

But sometimes.


I wished that I had one of Alvin and Teddy looking out of the bedroom window.

I have some.

ALVIN and TEDDY on the bed.


Well almost time to grab my coffee and get the start up to work.

I hope that you have an awesome day.

Wednesday, we got this.

Two more days until the weekend.


Living in Kindness and with Respect,

I, We remain as,

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 8th day of June, 2015.

It is slightly overcast as the sun comes up here in Edmonton with no breeze.

I had such a great Sunday.

First of all, after having breakfast, I made chocolate chip cookies to take to my friends at Bath & Body Works.

Hopped on a bus and went to the mall.

It was so great to see them ….. not everyone was there.

I do miss the staff and the ambience of the store ….. the scents ….

While I was at the mall, I decided to walk around and see what was new.

Nothing really …..

Still a bunch of people ….

It always amazes me on how many people are always in that mall.

West Edmonton Mall, that is.

I went into some of my favourite stores …. tried on some summer dresses.

I did find a few things, and then back to the store where I picked up some hand soap.

I love the tropical scents.

Back on the bus and home to me Alvin.

As always, he was happy to see me.

I am so glad for that.

Well this morning I am catching a later bus so that is nice.

Gives me extra time at home.

More snuggles with MR. Alvin.

I hope that you have a wonderful Monday.

Special Hello to: all my friends at Bath & Body Works … miss you guys.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 26th day of August, 2013.

Wow, sure is noticeable that we are approaching the latter part of the year.

The sun does not even begin to think about rising until after 6:00 a.m.

Must be nice, I think.

My favourite season is fast approaching – FALL.

I love the smell of the air, the colours of the leaves on the trees, and just the way that it makes me feel.

OH and the smells of autumn.

Whether it is the smell of pumpkin or cider or apples.

Working in retail and especially in a store that is all about FRAGRANCES and SCENTS.

It is noticeable so much earlier than Mother Nature’s gentle and sometimes not so easy nudge.

I love watching the rabbits begin to turn from brown hues to white.

I love hearing the geese honking as they start making their migratory journey with the little ones all grown up.

I love walking and enjoying the slight crispness to the air but not cold.

Do you have a favourite season?

So on this Monday morning I hope that you are enjoying the weather and the season wherever you are living.

Have a great great day.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it means the world to me.

Special Hello to: all those lovers of FALL ….. it is almost here.


Always, Carol and Alvin



Thought for the day……

Good Monday Morning and Welcome to February 25th, 2013.

As we enter the last week – actually few days of February I wonder ….. is spring here?

Or is Mother Nature just teasing us a little?

Yesterday it was so beautiful here in Edmonton and actually has been for the past several days.

The ground is bare in spots and the streets are great for driving.

Even the sidewalks are bare in a lot of places and there is less ice and snow all around.

So I am hoping that perhaps we will have spring starting now.

I am all for some rain in a few weeks once the snow melts.

I long to see those first dear blades of green grass as they slowly emerge once the weather warms and the snows melts (much more).

Please “Mother Nature” if you are listening and are feeling generous …. I, we would really, really appreciate and be ever so grateful to have “SPRING”…..

I love spring …. the sights …. the sounds ….. the SMELL.

Thank you to my store “Bath & Body Works” for bringing the “smells of spring” to us early ….. mmm …. so good.

Let me tell you if you ever want a scent that smells exactly like “Lilacs” … go to BBW … they have a candle that is exactly like lilacs… so good.

So on this Monday I am grateful for our spring “like” weather.

I hope that you are having a great day wherever you might be.


Also my heart and prayers go out to the family of one of my childhood friends who recently passed away.

I will always remember our times together over the years with a smile.

Rest in peace my dear …..


Special Hello: to you.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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